Hesi Coco Nutrient Package

Hesi Coco Nutrient Package


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Hesi Coco Nutrient Package
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Hesi Coco Nutrient Package
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Hesi Coco Nutrient Package
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Hesi COCO Feeding Schedule

Hesi is designed to stimulate plant growth and increase yields by integrating optimal vitamin compounds geared towards each phase of the plant's life cycle.

Hesi Coco Feeding Schedule

Coco - Hesi Coco is THE supplement for flowering on coco substrates. Just like all the Hesi supplements, Coco has been stabilized thanks to complex-binding substances. Coco is not an A & B supplement; the A+B components are united in one bottle. Coco contains both organic and mineral nitrogen. All trace elements have been stabilized and enriched with vitamins and other vital elements for flowering.

PK 13/14 - Plants have an increased need for phosphorus and potassium in the flowering phase. By applying PK 13/14 we completely fulfil this need. The flowering phase is the supreme point in the life of the plant when the metabolism is working at full power and large quantities of enzymes are being produced for flowering. PK 13/14 should be used starting from the second half of the flowering phase up to one week before the end of the cycle.

Root Complex - Hesi Root Complex is a combination of trace elements with vitamins, amino acids, plant sugars and enzymes that provides young plants with an optimal start. Root Complex ensures a thicker stem and a strong root system. It stimulates a maximum colonization of healthy micro-organisms in the medium and is ideal for mother plants and clones. Root Complex plant starter for healthy roots, high resistance and optimal condition in any plant medium. Improves the absorption of food and activates bacteria in the soil. For healthy, green color, thick stems and a vital root system.

SuperVit - SuperVit stimulates the production of growth and flowering hormones on plants. The result: vital plants with profuse flower production. SuperVit is a mix of 15 vitamins and 10 amino acids, that all play a large role in the metabolism of a plant. The vitamins and amino acids (vital substances) of SuperVit are the building blocks of, among other things, plant hormones, enzymes and chlorophyll.

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Nutrient ApplicationSoil & Soilless Mix Nutrient
Nutrient TypeSynthetic Based