Odor Absorbing Gels, Sprays & Mists

If you are looking to eliminate odors from your indoor garden, the best plan of attack is setting up a ventilation system with an intake filter and exhaust filter. carbon filters are the most cost effective way to prevent your grow room from stinking up nearby areas. If you need a quick fix, or find you still get whiffs of your plants, you may want to try odor absorbing gels, sprays, and mists.

Who should use odor absorbing gels and sprays in the grow room?

If you have an adequate ventilation system and a carbon filter to scrub the growing space of odors, but find its not enough, these products may help. On their own, odor absorbing gels and sprays will only do so much in the way of eliminating odor. These products are more to mask smells, but will eliminate odor to some degree.

Tips for removing odor from the growing space

When using odor absorbing gels or sprays, make sure plants are a safe distance away. If you do not do this, the plants can absorb some of the scent, and you will taste and smell these products in your buds after you harvest. Taste is one of the main quality indicating factors, so you do not want to compromise it!

To be safe, and to most effectively eliminate smells, place odor absorbing gels in your ventilation ducting. This will keep your plants safe from taste and smell contamination, and combat odor more effectively. It will also change the smell of the air being expelled through your exhaust fan, which helps mask smells even further for maximal privacy and discretion!

Are odor absorbing gels toxic?

This is a common concern of growers, but there is no need to worry. Odor absorbing gels like Ona and The Neurtralizer are completely safe (other than the potential to interfere with taste and smell!), and will not harm plants or introduce harmful chemicals into the growing space.

Need help controlling odors in your environment? Give our experienced growing staff a call at 888-815-9763 and we can give our recommendations!

If you want to learn more about environment"target="_blank">the environment in your grow room, stop by our learning center!


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