Quest IQ Series HVAC Dehumidifier Systems

Quest IQ Series HVAC Dehumidifier Systems


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Quest Brand Product
Intelligent Grow Room HVAC - A Truly Innovative Approach to Grow Room Control

  • The most precise, reliable grow room conditions available
  • Easy to follow installation instructions
  • Innovative patent-pending technology
  • Up to 30% energy savings
  • 24/7 real-time Internet monitoring
  • Best warranty in the industry
  • Exceptionally small footprint maximizes grow space

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    Quest IQ Series Is The Smartest, Most Advanced Temperature, Humidity and Evironment Control Equipment In The World

    There is simply no better technology available to ensure precise, consistent, and reliable growing conditions. Add to that the lowest possible operating costs and a lifetime of trouble-free performance -- you'll understand why the Agronomic IQ Series really is the smartest solution for serious growers. Each unit in the Quest IQ Series is 3-phase 480 volts.

    How Does Quest Deliver On This Promise?

    Truly Innovative Technology

    For the last 15 years our industry-leading engineering teams have been innovating, testing, and improving our technology at an unprecedented rate to create what is truly the most efficient, effective, and most reliable equipment available anywhere in the world.

    15 Years of Live Monitoring

    Imagine the difference it would make if design engineers could see live field performance of over 100 operating parameters and system data recorded every 60 seconds, stored for 18 months. That's exactly what our engineers have done the past 15 years. Not only that, but they've had the ability to remotely access, adjust and tweak operating parameters on thousands of units running live in the world.

    Largest Dedicated Service Team

    Agronomic IQ boasts the largest factory-direct service network in the industry. They also offer the most comprehensive list of service options available -- and factory service technicians within driving distance of every installation. Factory-direct service means dehumidification service is all we do and every technician works direcrly for Agronomic.

    Precision Control

    Our proprietary precision control systems provide modulating heatings and cooling to deliver not just the most stable room conditions but also lower operating costs and reduced wear and tear on compressors -- making them longer lasting and more energy efficient. These control systems are also designed to do some impressive live system monitoring of over 100 parameters, facilitated by built-in pressure transducers and control algorithms that ensure peak performance.

    GrowSentry Technology

    Agronomic IQ systems have state-of-the-art bult-in internet monitoring and remote control. By simply connecting and ethernet cable, you get a whole suite of incredible features, including data logging every 60 seconds 24/7, remote monitoring, trouble alerts and more. Service technicians and factory engineers can also remotely investigate and respond to issues, questions or simply fine-tune unit performance from any internet connected device. GrowSentry comes absolutely free!

    Design Support

    Getting dehumidification load calculations correct is a critical part of designing appropriate HVAC into every job. Our team includes not just HVAC engineers, but also leading authorities in the grow room and indoor farming industry. We'er here to help throughout every phase of your project so you and your engineers can rest assured you've covered all your bases and dialed both the right parameters and equipment to ensure your complete access.

    Quest IQ Evolution Series

    Scalability and Redundancy in a Small Footprint

    Designed from the ground-up to provide the ultimate solution for the vast majority of grow rooms, our Evolution Series answers every one of the most critical grow room requirements. It also comes in a wide range of sizes and options to provide the most space efficient, energy efficient and cost-effective solution possible – while delivering the most stable and scalable performance in the industry. There is simply no other system on the market that provides more capacity, value or performance in a smaller footprint!

    Capacity Range

    • 45 to 170 lbs/hr moisture removal capacity
    • 3,000 to 16,000 CFM of air handling

    Competitive Advantages

    • Dual-circuit, scalable performance to suit every stage of growth with ultra-conservative energy consumption
    • Fully modular system – 2 compressors, 2 supply air fans, 2 cabinets, one package
    • EC blower motor technology for lowest operating costs and sound levels on both the fluid cooler and main AHU
    • Wide range of auxiliary heating options available
    • Provides precise control of the variable humidity requirements for each growing phase
    • Highest quality and efficiency, for dehumidification and cooling performance with fully modulating reheat coil for optimum room temperature control
    • Utilizes proprietary fluid coolers in a sealed system with exceptionally low refrigerant charge, no field refrigeration work and minimal risk of refrigerant leak
    Quest IQ Evolution Series

    Redundant Scalable Performance

    The Evolution Series is engineered as two complete systems in one. It’s designed to provide 2-stage efficiency with dual circuit reliability and redundancy. When dehumidification loads are low, only one system operates, using half the energy. When loads increase the second circuit kicks in and only runs when necessary, providing not just ideal performance and energy consumption, but you have built-in redundancy should anything happen to one of the compressors or fans.

    True Economizer Cooling

    We leverage our proprietary dry cooler heat exchange systems to capitalize on cooler outdoor temperatures below 50 degrees F, for cooling without running compressor. Reducing compressor runtime can add up to very substantial energy savings that fall straight to your bottom line. We can do this because our system design eliminates the risk of introducing contaminants from the outside air. Taking advantage of free cooling makes nothing but sense. Every manufacturer should offer this, but only Quest does.

    Variable Capacity Condensers

    Other manufacturers default to single-stage compressor with on or off cycling which causes excessive wear and tear (shorter life) while also creating less consistent room conditions. As standard, we use variable-speed scroll compressors that can dynamically adjust to better match load requirements. Not only does this result in more consistent room conditions, but it also saves energy and increases equipment life expectancy.

    Quest IQ Compressor Wall Series

    High Air Flow, High Capacity Performance

    Designed from the ground up to meet the demands of this growing industry, our revolutionary patent pending Compressor Wall Technology sets entirely new industry standards for performance, reliability, energy efficiency, environmental friendliness, size, weight and flexibility to deliver a truly incomparable innovation

    Unlike anything else before it, our ground-breaking patent pending Compressor Wall Technology takes a modular, scalable and redundant approach to dehumidification, heating and cooling in a unitary solution that utilizes multiple small compressor modules in a powerful Compressor Wall array. This ingenious innovation creates the ultimate solution for growers because it outperforms every other large capacity offering in every critical consideration. It sets entirely new industry standards for performance, reliability, energy efficiency, environmental friendliness, size, weight and flexibility and outperforms every other large capacity offering in every critical consideration.

    Combine that with our proprietary high performance Dry Cooler heat exchange system that is also totally eco-friendly, incredibly reliable, energy efficient and extremely flexible, and you get the ultimate HVAC solution for growers.

    Capacity Range

    • 6 individual compressor modules for built-in redundancy
    • 2 stages of performance delivering 12 levels of scalable capacity
    Quest IQ Compressor Wall
    Quest IQ Compressor Wall

    The Quest IQ Compressor Wall System provides you with:

    The security of 6 individual compressor modules in an array providing complete, independent redundancy to deliver virtually failure-proof performance.

    The extraordinary efficiency of each compressor with 2 stages of performance to provide 12 levels of scalable capacity.

    The savings and security of a ridiculously small refrigerant charge that’s a mere 10% of traditional equipment to completely eliminate expensive refrigerant recharging.

    The convenience of easy, fast, inexpensive plug and play replacement of individual compressor modules with no down time.

    The confidence of eco-friendly, water-glycol heat exchange technology that totally prevents the debilitating and expensive cold weather issues of traditional AC heat rejection.

    The space efficiency and flexibility of equipment that’s typically 50% the size and weight of traditional capacity equipment.

    Quest IQ Dry Coolers

    Advanced Dry Cooler Technology

    Quest Dry Coolers are engineered for optimal performance with our proprietary system controls using state-of-the-art condensing coils that are virtually self-cleaning to maintain a lifetime of peak performance. ECM motors are used for bulletproof performance and scalable fan speeds that adapt perfectly to maintain minumum energy consumption.

    Our proprietary, custom-designed dry cooler technology solves the most expensive and challenging problems in the industry.

    • Utilizes up 85% less refrigerant with a glycol fluid mix, reducing leak risks that can be detrimental to crops
    • State-of-the-art, self cleaning, coated condensing coils that offer corrosion resistance maximum performance
    • Built-in pump package redundancy and outdoor heat rejection
    • Scalable, demand-based performance with ultra quiet EMC fans for energy efficiency

    Our proprietary dehumidifier controls, coupled with our proprietary dry cooler designs, really do provide the most stable room conditions possible with the least exposure to on-off control spikes or drops.

    And by using multiple condensers in series with built-in, independent pump packages, you get another level of scalable energy consumption plus the added benefit of redundant and independent sources of heat rejection.

    The other powerful advantage of our dry cooler technology is that it allows us to use up to 85% less refrigerant than traditional split DX systems, while using simple PVC piping to connect – without restriction of line length.

    For the indoor grow industry, using a glycol fluid mix for cooling and condensing purposes not only increases system reliability, but it also virtually eliminates the crop-killing risks associated with refrigerant leaks and the exorbitantly high cost of refrigerant replacement.

    Quest IQ Dry Cooler
    Quest IQ Dry Cooler Scaled

    The Result

    The most flexible, scalable, energy efficient and redundant heat rejection system in the industry – with the absolute simplest and lowest cost of installation.

    Internet Monitoring & Remote Control with GrowSentry

    Learn how GrowSentry technology provides real peace of mind for growers with internet monitoring and remote control, tracking performance data every 60 seconds, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    And it’s built into every single dehumidifier we make to provide a lifetime of Internet monitoring, remote control and remote data recording – at no cost!

    All you have to do is connect it to the Internet with a simple Ethernet cable (Wi-Fi and cellular options are also available). Once connected via a simple ethernet cable, GrowSentry connects securely with our remote servers and begins sending performance data.

    Factory technicians can support remote fine-tuning of equipment performance and help troubleshoot by remotely viewing detailed operating logs that record every system parameter and store real-time data for a full 18 months.

    Our controls allows for remote real-time monitoring and control of over 100 system parameters.

    Automated trouble alerts can notify key personnel to help prevent serious issues as soon as the system senses anomalies. Internet monitoring is included at no cost on every unit all you require is an Ethernet cable to connect it.

    GrowSentry Online Monitoring

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    Tech Specs


    UL ListedNo
    Prop 65No
    Weight (lb.)1000
    Height (in.)100
    Width (in.)100
    Length (in.)100
    Air Conditioner TypeCommercial Grade

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