Portable Air Conditioners

Keeping your grow room or grow tent within the optimal temperature range can be tricky, especially during summer months if you use powerful grow lights.

How can I cool my grow room in summer?

Fans and blowers are a way to circulate air in the growing space and will decrease temperatures to a certain extent, but generally wont be enough.

To really cool down a grow room, you will need a grow room air conditioner. The most popular A/C system is the mini-split A/C system, due to its efficiency and high cooling capabilities. There are also commercial A/C systems for large greenhouses or warehouses, but if you are growing in a tent or small grow room, the portable A/C will be your best option.

Portable grow room air conditioners

Best for small grow rooms and grow tents, portable A/C units offer compact and convenient cooling. These can be wheeled into tight spaces, and don't require any duct work or installation like other systems. Portable A/C's pull in hot hair, cool it, and redistribute it back into the environment.

Portable air conditioners come plug and play, and generally come with only one zone or two zones since they are smaller. These units range from the standard 120 Volts up to 480 Volts

When sizing an air conditioner for your grow room or tent, consider how much space you have, and the BTU's produced by your equipment. Once you know this, simply choose a unit capable of removing more BTU's from the environment than you are producing. At Hydrobuilder, our portable A/C units range from 12,000 BTU's up to 60,000 BTU's.

If you want help sizing your A/C unit, check out our guide to sizing grow room air conditioners or give our experienced growers a call at 888-815-9763 and let us help you!

Want to learn more about creating an optimal environment for your plants? Stop by our learning center and check out some of our recent articles!


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