Portable Dehumidifiers

Whether you are a hobby grower or a commercial grower, you likely need at least a portable dehumidifier. Too much humidity in the grow room or grow tent can result in a halt in plant growth due to its inability to undergo photosynthesis. On top of this, excess moisture in the grow room can lead to problems with mold and bud rot. Any grower who has experienced powdery mildew can tell you it's not something you want to deal with.

How does a portable dehumidifier work?

By implementing a portable dehumidifier, growers are able to maintain the optimal humidity range in the grow room, which is 40-50%. These machines draw in moisture, and eliminate it.

Portable dehumidifiers are great for smaller indoor gardens and grow rooms, but if you are growing in a large greenhouse or commercial grow room we recommend a commercial dehumidifier.

How to tell if you need a dehumidifier

If you are able to feel or see moisture in the air (condensation) while in your indoor garden, chances are you need a dehumidifier.

If you do not already have one, we recommend all growers keep a hygrometer in the grow room to help control the humidity. Many of these devices also contain thermometers, helping control the temperature simultaneously!

Where to place the dehumidifier in your grow room

The location of your dehumidifier is very important. Having it in the right place can help your environment significantly. This becomes even more important as the size of your growing space increases.

There will be variables affecting optimal placement, but if you only have one dehumidifier, the best spot will usually be in the center of the room, using hangers to hold it next to grow lights.

If hanging your dehumidifier is not possible due to ceiling height, placing it on the ground under a table or next to plants. It is very important to space your dehumidifier from your air conditioner, as the cold air will affect its performance.

What is the best portable dehumidifier for growers?

At Hydrobuilder, we carry the best portable dehumidifiers on the market at the lowest prices. If you're looking for the best small dehumidifier, stick with brands like Active Air, Quest, Ideal-Air, and Aura Systems.

Portable ac dehumidifiers also help cool your growing space, which is also super important, as heat can cause problems very similar to moisture.

Not sure which size you need? Check out our article on sizing your dehumidifier.

Visit our learning center if you want to learn more about creating an ideal environment, or give our experienced growers a call at 888-815-9763 with any questions!


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