KIND K3 L600 320 Watt LED Grow Light is no longer available

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KIND K3 L600 320 Watt LED Grow Light is no longer available

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  • Coverage Area
    Veg: 4' x 5.5'; Flower: 3' x 4.5'
  • Exact Watts
    320 Watts
  • LED Light Spectrum
    Full Spectrum
  • Voltage
    120/240 Volt
  • Est. Electricity Cost /mo
  • Warranty
    90 Day Full / 3 Year Limited

The Future of Indoor Gardening Has Arrived...Grow KIND!
The K3 - L600 LED Grow Light: Replaces 600w Traditional Grow Light!

After years of rigorous research & development, the KIND LED Grow Light is complete, and it is a work of art. The K3 series LED grow lights are comprised of high powered 3 Watt Light Emitting Diodes featuring a proprietary intensified spectrum designed for flowering large yields. This revolutionary series of LED grow lights will produce the biggest and best yields, while consuming approximately half the electricity and producing virtually no heat. Your KIND LED will cultivate record breaking yields, both in quantity and quality, while running cool, quite and efficient. Guaranteed!

  • KINDest Yields:
    700 mA driving current increases diode efficiency & output resulting in a brighter, higher yielding footprint.
  • KINDest Spectrum:
    Proprietary 12 bandwidth spectrum. Complete 3 Watt "Perfect Spectrum" meaning, the wavelengths emitted by KIND are the exact, appropriately proportioned wavelengths that plants utilize during the growth cycle.
  • KINDest Intensity:
    Secondary Optical Lens enhances diode efficiency and magnifies PAR to facilitate easy rooting and maximize yields. The Secondary Optical Lens is basically a magnifying enclosure that encases the diode which focuses the diode light emission creating a greater intensity & greater canopy penetration leading to larger fruit & flower production both at the top & bottom of plants.
  • KINDest Quality:
    Extra large heat sinks, quiet fans, precision drivers and superior craftsmanship.
    KIND Specifications:
  • Dimensions: 25- x 11- x 3-
  • Weight: 20 lbs.
  • Actual Wattage: 320w
  • HID Wattage Equivalent: 600w
  • Modules: 10
  • Diodes per Module: 15
  • Total Diodes: 150
  • Diode Wattage: 3w
  • Footprint: 3- x 4.5-
  • Size of Best Suited Growing Space: 5- x 5-
  • Input Voltage: 100-240V AC Power Input
  • Work Frequency: 50/60 Hz - Suitable for Global Energy Environment
  • Output Voltage: UL Standard Output Voltage - Less than 76V DC
  • Amperage: 2.25
  • Power Cord: 6ft
  • Three Year Warranty
  • Expected Lifespan: 50,000 hours
  • Thick, heavy duty 2 CM aluminum circuit boards

KIND LED vs. HPS: These KIND LED grow lights use only about half the electricity as HPS lights, and produce much more yield per watt. Studies have even show an increase in oil production & quality, closer inter-nodal spacing, and denser fruits & flowers. Also, because KIND LEDs produce less heat, they do not need to be air-cooled like HPS lights, therefore eliminating the need for additional fans which reduces noise and costs.

What Is A Heat Sink? Heat sinks are used in optoelectronics such as lasers and light emitting diodes (LEDs), where the heat dissipation ability of the basic device is insufficient to moderate its temperature. A heat sink is designed to maximize the surface area in contact with the cooling medium surrounding it, such as the air. Because KIND heat sinks are extra large, the LED runs nice and cool.

Diode Efficiency: An important consideration in choosing an LED grow light is the power of the diode chip set, or wattage. While no diode runs at maximum output, the KIND 3 Watt Diodes run at approximately an 80% efficiency with no detrimental degrading of the chip, incorporating the perfect blend of intensity, durability and low operating temperature that all LED lights need to succeed. The KIND consists of 10 modules with 15 diodes each for a total of 150 at 3W per equaling a true wattage of 450. Given the 70%-80% efficiency, the fixture runs at a ~360W output.

KIND to you. KIND to your plants. KIND to the environment. Grow KIND.

Tech Specs


Weight (lb.)20
Prop 65No
Length (in.)25
Width (in.)11
Height (in.)3
Warranty90 Day Full / 3 Year Limited
Lead TimeShips in 3-5 Days
UL ListedYes
Lighting TypeLED
LED Light SpectrumFull Spectrum
LED Fixture TypePanel
Est. Electricity Cost /mo$13.82
Exact Watts320 Watts
HID Equivalent600 Watts
Coverage AreaVeg: 4' x 5.5'; Flower: 3' x 4.5'
Suggested Hanging HeightVeg: 24''-30'' ; Bloom: 12''-24''
LED Diode Type150 x 3w Diodes
Daisy ChainNo
Voltage120/240 Volt
Amps2.25A @ 120V ; 1.12A @ 240V
Frequency50/60 Hz
Power Cord(s) Included120 Volt
Power Cord Length6 ft.

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Customer Reviews 10 item(s)

I trusted this name
I trusted this name brand after doing extensive research. It was a delight to work with them at first. However, Within 6 months 2 of my 4 lights have lots a section of diodes. They are a lil rough to work with. Also you have to pay shipping if it's after 90 days. Does anyone realize what shipping costs for something that weighs this much? Also due to the frustration with this companies customer service. I will no longer be purchasing their equipment. I am not playing games when I spend this kind of money. I don't want to be toyed with what is in or isn't in the warranty. The lights went out on their own. Idk why I had be reminded what warranty is when it is their product malfunctioning.
l600 lush led
Great product. Runs at about 90 degrees in a small tent and is louder than I anticipated in a closet. It's louder than the dehumidifier. BUT THE LIGHT IS AWESOME. Plants are well served.
Great light
I love this light. Strong growth with almost no heat, near silent fans, and brilliant light. I hung it up, plugged it in, put plants under it, and they are doing awesome!
I'm 7 weeks into flower, started from seed and them girls are freaking awesome. This light is a must have, big nugs. Tight spacing as said, theses girls are frosted like you would not believe. This is my first grow too. Looks better than friends 1000th hps.
Great product
Had to switch to a smaller tent for size reasons, and i couldn't have made a better choice for lighting my seedling has its third set of leaves already and is only 3/4 inch tall! It blew my crazy little mind, ...
Excellent Fixture
Haven't gone to budding yet but the Monster results from Grow stage is Freaking Outstanding. I love the Energy savings too. Will let you know during Budd stage. Thanks you all @ Hydrobuilder.
Working well
Have positioned the light over various cuttings I rooted from my flower garden. They are all doing very well although my husband says for the cost of this light I could have bought a heck of a lot of flowers in the spring. Works very well but I sure wish it hadn't cost so much.
Must have
Perfect like nothing I have ever used. Led and kind led is the way to go. Hydro builder .com was great too
Hi just wanted to tell you that this 600L is unreal! I’ve had it on for three weeks from seedling and the growth is amazing. The plants are thriving. Thick and full. I’m very happy so far. Curious too see how it does on flower.
Thanks again super stoked. Works great for Girl Scouts.
So far so good seedlings looking nice and green
I got 1 of these and is working fine so far seedlings doing fine and light is quite bright and cool running it without ventilation right now just small fan circulating and temp is between 80 and 85 on 18 hr cycle

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