Green Sunshine Company Electric Sky V2 300 Watt Wideband LED Grow Light

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Green Sunshine Company Electric Sky V2 300 Watt Wideband LED Grow Light

SKU #: ES300-V2
The Green Sunshine Company Brand Product

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  • Coverage Area
    Veg: 3' x 6'; Flower: 2' x 5'
  • Exact Watts
    300 Watts
  • LED Light Spectrum
    Full Spectrum
  • Voltage
    100/270 Volt
  • Est. Electricity Cost /mo
  • Warranty
    3 Years

The Electric Sky 300 (ES300) is our flagship wideband LED grow light. It features a spectrum that replicates the “infrared” growth power of the Sun, delivering fast growth and explosive yields from seed to flower. Linear optics focus light for intense grow power and canopy penetration, even at a far distance. And the distributed design allows for close canopy deployment without burning your plants for maximum headroom. No matter what your grow setup is or how it changes over the years, the Electric Sky’s modular design easily adapts from the smallest grow tent to the largest commercial facility.

Beginner and expert growers will appreciate the ability to fine-tune the canopy of light by adjusting the positioning of units to create the perfect Electric Sky for any garden size.

Product Highlights

Wideband LED technology activates the hidden “supercharger” in plants for massive flowering results. Older “white” and “purple” LEDs miss a color region that HPS Bulbs and new Wideband LED technology can reach. LED can now finally keep up with HPS!

Replaceable LEDs and components. After each year, LEDs slowly decrease in brightness and technology increases in brightness. Keep your garden the brightest with an LED replacement every 2-3 years. Replace yourself or send in to us for an upgrade to a “brand new” light for a fraction of the cost.

Industry-first linear lenses focus light in an “aisle” for evenly distributed yet powerfully intense light above and below the canopy. Large “sweet spot” vertically and horizontally. Grow “Higher and Wider” even in small areas. Create a sky to fit any space, big or small.

Edge-to-Edge Growth: Keeps the whole garden brighter. More yield and less burn.

Modular System: Create a "sky" to fit any space. Expand the system to your needs.

Passive Cooling: Silent operation with no moving parts that can fail or break

*Black = Light Burn Blue = Light DeprevationUnique Electric Sky Design allows for maximum growth and bigger plants in your grow area!
Special Lenses and form factor creates an even grow environment.

Lighting Systems Product Features

  • Adjustable Intensity with Included Daisy-Chain Dimming Kit
  • 90 Day Unconditional 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Full 3 Year Warranty – We Have Your Back
  • ETL Listed for Quality, Safety & Commercial Energy Rebates
  • Replaceable parts and upgradeable LEDs. Future-proof.
  • Near-white spectrum shows plants in true color.
  • Dual-direction lenses focus and evenly scatter light.
  • Full-spectrum output from next-gen wideband LEDs.
  • A scientific spectrum makes fast and healthy growth.
  • No harmful UVB rays.
  • No bulb changes and up to 40% energy savings vs. HID.

We plant 5 trees through the National Forest Foundation for each ES300 purchased through The Green Sunshine Company’s website. Currently donating to the California Wildfire Restoration Fund.

Recommended Grow Tent Configurations:

  • 1x ES300 – Flower 2’x4′ – 3’x5′ Grow Tent / Veg 3.5’x7′
  • 2x ES300 (Replace 1000W HPS) – Flower 4’x4′ – 5’x5′ Grow Tent / Veg 7’x7′
  • 3x ES300 – Flower 5’x5′ or 4’x6′ / Veg 7’x7′
  • 4x ES300 – Flower 4’x8′ – 5’x10′ / Veg 6’x12′

Product Specs

True Wattage:300 Watts
LEDs:Top-Bin Mid Power Wideband Diodes
Beam angle:Dual-Way Linear Lens 60° x 120°
Lifetime:Estimated 90% brightness at 60,000 hrs
Vegetative Hang Height:24” – 48”
Flowering Hang Height:15” – 21”
Efficiency (300nm-780nm):2.0 μmol/J
Total Photon Flux (300nm-780nm):600 PF
Vegetative Footprint:1 unit: up to 3 x 6’ ; 2 units: up to 6′ x 6′
Flowering Footprint:1 unit: up to 2.5’ x 5’ ; 2 units: up to 5’ x 5’

**GS1 “Wideband” Spectrum for Flowering Plants; Creates larger leaves and stems for exponentially faster growth in veg & massive yields in flower

The "GS1" Spectrum

Exclusive & scientific “GS1” Spectrum contains a special color ratio that tells your plants to grow big leaves & stems for exponentially faster vegetative growth. Growers frequently report 2x growth speed vs Metal Halide and T5 light sources.

Common Purple or White LED systems require 25-100% more light intensity to match the efficiency of the High-Pressure Sodium Spectrum; and may emit inefficient colors for plant growth. Whereas, spectra containing similar characteristics as the GS1 spectrum have been scientifically proven to match or exceed the HPS in growth performance.

This means that unlike common purple and white LED systems, the GS1 spectrum can achieve similar results as the HPS at the same light intensity. White or Purple LED spectrums require higher light output for comparable results. High light levels cause plant stress and light burn — the opposite of what we want out of a grow light.

Tech Specs


BrandThe Green Sunshine Company
Weight (lb.)22
Prop 65No
Length (in.)36
Width (in.)12
Height (in.)2.5
Warranty3 Years
UL ListedNo
Lighting TypeLED
LED Light SpectrumFull Spectrum
LED Fixture TypePanel
Est. Electricity Cost /mo$12.96
Exact Watts300 Watts
HID Equivalent500 Watts
Coverage AreaVeg: 3' x 6'; Flower: 2' x 5'
Suggested Hanging HeightVegetative: 24” – 48”; Flowering: 18” – 20”
LED Diode TypeWideband Mid Power Diodes
Daisy ChainNo
Voltage100/270 Volt
Amps2.5A at 120V / 1.25A at 240V;
Power Cord(s) IncludedYes
Power Cord Length6 ft

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Customer Reviews 10 item(s)

Great light
After doing some looking around to find a powerful light that uses less electricity I found the Electric Sky 300. This light outperformed a 600 watt mh and hps bulb easily . The bud sites that this type of light creates leads to huge harvests , as well as leading to increased trichome production . Excellent light!
Superior performance
I own the dimmable ES300, absolutely hands down the best LED grow light on the market. I'm 1 month into flower and the first 2 weeks my plants tripled in height and are now starting to stack on some major weight. If you're on the fence about buying this light look no further, the price of the ES300 is a little scary at first but you get what you pay for - a superior LED grow light above the rest. Not only that, but Dan is extremely helpful and knowledgable about the science behind his light, and why it's so much better than the rest. I will be a customer for life, keep up the good work Dan!
Most impressed- Full Spectrum and sooo Bright!
I got this light just over a month ago and it has done wonders for my plants as I've moved them inside for the winter/indoor growing season. I was a little nervous about how close they should be but they responded well and are growing thick and dense.... no disrespect for the sun but this light is amazing. It's been on 24/7 with some auto-flowers and they are doing awesome. To top it off the customer service has been outstanding- I look forward to adding more to my garden in the near future.
Recently purchased the es300 and it is amazing! Easily compares with my old hps600watt except very little stretching and much healthier grow. Thanks dan!
I was skeptical about purchasing these lights since everyone claims that their lights are the best on the market. I got two ES 300’s in a 4x4. All skepticisms were put to rest as the weeks passed. The growth rates are ridiculous! I damn near grew myself right out of the tent! Light coverage is perfect. Gonna get a 5x5 next. These ES300’s will definitely be able to handle it.
A real Sun in your Growroom
I have wasted a lot of money on LEDs in the past couple years and was never satisfied! Until I got my hands on the ES300. This LED is like having a small SUN in my grow room. Amazing growth, huge… huge buds! Thanks Dan for getting yourself in the LED market.
Best LED I know
The best light you can have in 2018! Fast growth, green leaves, healthy plants, little electricity consumption… I am 100% satisfied! Thanks for everything The Green Sunshine Company!
eS300 for the win...
The light spread on the es300 surprised me. Compared to my old LED lights I was running, I’ll never go back. Growing in a small space with these lights are a dream low heat , even coverage. Just bought another one. Highly recommended!!!!!
Best LED I know
The best light you can have in 2018! Fast growth, green leaves, healthy plants, little electricity consumption… I am 100% satisfied! Thanks for everything Dan!
Amazing performance
I just completed my first grow with two ES300s in a 4x4 tent. The harvest was amazing - about 20 quart mason jars, not to mention a lot of undergrowth to produce a few pounds of bud-containing trim for edibles. It seemed to produce about twice the totay usable flower weight of the 600w CMH lamp I had before. However, the light's amazing growth stimulation also caused my tent to become a bramble and my harvest was a small fraction of the total weight of growth - something I never had to deal with before. So next time, I'm going to use a dual-level SCROG approach to keep the light on the flowers, and avoid producing a lot of trim. Also because of the rapid growth I got taken by surprise on water usage and ended up with some fertilizer burn because the growth medium dried out so fast that the effective fertilizer concentration was too high. The solution would be to water more often of course but I didn't realize it at first. Or to switch to hydro, which I'm doing on my next grow.

I also noticed that the plants produced different looking bud than under the CMH: more richly colored and heavier. This meant more staking and binding had to happen. But it's a great thing.

These lights produced just enough heat to keep my tent at 80 degrees on the low fan setting which was perfect, but I had to watch the humidity more as a result. The fact that they're dimmable means you can use the same tent for vegging if you wish and the lights cause really fast vegetative growth which of course is great.

Overall I'm very satisfied - including with Green Sunshine's support which helped with getting a faster understanding of the differences from CMH.

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