DimLux Expert Series 630 Watt CMH Grow Light with Dual 3,100K CMH Bulbs

DimLux Expert Series 630 Watt CMH Grow Light with Dual 3,100K CMH Bulbs

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Dimlux Ceramic-Discharge Metal Halide systems deliver a spectrum that's much closer to natural sunlight than typical high intensity discharge (HID) systems. These state-of-the art lamps generate a greater level of useable plant light (photosynthetically active radiation) and run with a blinding intensity that's immediately apparent to the naked eye. Dimlux has embraced this exciting new technology, creating an innovative range of systems that take all the positive attributes of the outstanding Expert Series and then supercharge them to step performance up to the next level!

Greater efficiency, you say? Yes! In terms of efficiency, Dimlux Expert Series Complete CDM Lights kick out more micromoles per watt (1.9 umol/Watt) than competing models. This essentially means that these units gives you and your plants a greater amount of light output from the amount of energy invested. With Dimlux lighting, plants gets a cleaner, more powerful light which operates at cooler temperatures. Coupled with the DimLux Maxi Controller and other available sensors, Dimlux provides unparalleled control and efficiency. The result is optimal control and maximum performance!

DimLux Expert Series 630W Features

  • A blinding intensity that's clearly visible with the naked eye - 3100K
  • Highly efficient - puts out 1.9 micromole (µmol) per watt
  • Extremely high PAR levels
  • Alpha 98 Miro Silver Reflector with Single Bounce Clear Sight (SBCS technology
  • Adjustable output levels from 330W to 760W
  • The highest output (light) due to the overdrive boost UHF technology
  • The broadest dimming range of all digital ballasts
  • Soft-Start, Soft-Dim, Soft-Off function
  • Can be dimmed manually in 8 levels including the “off” position.
  • Fully Maxi Controller compatible -Can be variably dimmed and controlled
  • Extensive diagnostic indicator LEDs
  • EOL function (End Of Life indication to replace lamps)
  • Safety features for preventing short circuits, open contact, high temperatures, too low voltage, too high voltage

DimLux Expert Series 630W Benefits

  • Excels as both supplementary and standalone lighting
  • SBCS -Single Bounce reflector ensures minimal light loss
  • Brighter, cleaner light for maximum yield
  • Less Heat – reduced risk of heat damage to plants
  • Reduce cooling costs
  • No loss of vertical space – ideal for rooms with 8 ft ceilings
  • Available Master Controller (sold separately) for dimming to sunrise/sunset and when temperature, humidity, VPD and CO2 levels vary
  • Overall much greater output and yield than any other lighting system

Like the other major lighting systems on the market, Dimlux Expert Series Complete CDM units consist of the ballast, reflector and lamp. However, closer inspection will reveal distinct differences – the most notable of which being that all three components have been integrated into one! Better still, the 630 Watt model somehow manages to incorporate two 315 Watt lamps for twice the power!

Dimlux Xtreme Ballast

The Dimlux Xtreme Ballast gives you 7 separate dim options – considerably more than any other competing product – so you can precisely alter light output to match the changing demands of ever-developing plants. Two boost settings are available for generating up to 15% extra lumens than is advertised on the lamp, and the Soft Start and Soft Off features ensure you don’t get sudden surges of power when switching between “on” and “off” modes, protecting the product and upholding your safety. Utilizing superior electronic technology, the Xtreme Ballast operates very quietly and very efficiently, promising to save you money over time on you energy bills. It is reassuringly fireproof, employing a built-in processor to monitor the ballast-to-lamp connection and an LED display to inform you of the operating status, cutting the power in the event of a bad contact or short circuit. Output levels can be switched between the following settings: Soft Off, 330W, 410W, 490W, 560W, 630W, 690W, 760. With 7 settings, you have the flexibility to tailor your lighting to your plants demand based on environmental conditions in the grow area, ensuring that temperature stay well within range.

Alpha Optics 98 Reflector

The Alpha Optics 98 Reflector has been made from mesmerizing 98% reflective Miro Silver aluminum. Crafted in a unique and effective manner, it only lets light waves hit the mirror-like surface of the interior on one occasion before projecting them downwards to cover over your plants. The light is also steered clear of any unnecessary and unwanted interactions with the lamp, minimizing overall wastage. These two aspects conform to the Single Bounce Clear Sight principle (SBCS). Both sides of the reflector can be adjusted to manipulate the distribution of light and there are optional add-on reflectors for stopping light from hitting walls instead of floor space. The open nature of the Alpha Optics 98 Reflector helps with the passive cooling of the lamp, improving its efficiency and overall life span. A 50mm port on the top of the unit actually allows you to extract the hot air away from around the lamp – a smart inclusion and standout feature.

Dimlux Ceramic-Discharge Metal Halide Lamp

Dimlux CDM fixtures utilize ceramic-discharge metal halide lamps to produce a light spectrum that's much broader than other forms of HID lighting (like standard metal halides and HPS). Its output is more comparable to the light produced by LEP (light emitting plasma) units. LEPs actually have a slightly broader spectrum than the CDM fixture, but they simply do not compare in terms of brightness. You can see with your own eyes, as soon as you turn this Dimlux unit on, that it’s every bit as bright as its equivalent wattage in HPS, giving you the best of both worlds – a unit that delivers an LEP-style spectrum combined with HPS-style intensity! A truly exceptional all-rounder that will add much to the quality and size of your harvest. The lamp is optimized for the bloom phase with enhanced reds, but, because it's full-spectrum, it will produce the goods in both veg and flower – expect to see increased growth rates, tighter internodes, an improvement in overall vigor and an increase in final weight. Because its full-spectrum, it's also great for the vegetative stages, triggering rapid growth, speeding up turnover times and increasing the overall efficiency of your indoor garden. With a healthy level of white light (3100K) internodes stay nice and tight, eliminating the issues with stretch that occur when using lighting with narrow, inadequate spectrums. Come harvest time, you'll be left wondering what you did without one!

DimLux Maxi Controller (Sold Separately)

To get the most from these units, we recommend using them in conjunction with the Dimlux Maxi Controller. You can then do away with your contactor/timer setup and control up to 160 fixtures from a single point, scheduling on and off times and regulating output levels according to room temperature or VPD (Vapor Pressure Deficit) levels, so that plant temperatures always stay within range. If you chose to link up your light system(s) to a Maxi Controller (recommended – and an astonishing 160 units can be accommodated!), this sensational device will manage them all at once taking into account indicated day/night periods and minimum and maximum heat tolerances, applying even closer control with continuously-variable dimming rather than standard incremental dimming. The Maxicontoller is a remarkably intelligent and fully responsive grow room device that will comfortably manage numerous Dimlux Expert Series Grow Lights (Double Ended and CDM models) in order to maintain your preferred temperature settings. Impressively, it also has the capacity to run a CO2 generator and a humidifier. By being able to constantly monitor key environmental factors (sensors sold separately), the Dimlux Maxi Controller can quickly identify potential issues and then take a suitable course of action – altering light output, CO2 levels or humidity until optimum conditions are restored. Highly recommended for closed loop rooms and large grow tents.

DimLux Expert Series 630W Specifications

Input Voltage 230V
Output 330 - 760 Watt
Overdrive 20%
Soft Start Low inrush for use without Maxi Controller and Zero start (no inrush) for use with the Maxi Controller
Soft Dim Yes
Dimming Levels 7 dim levels and off mode. Can be switched on and off via the Maxi Controller as well as Step-less dimming
Dimming Steps Soft Off, 330W, 410W, 490W, 560W, 630W, 690W, 760
Frequency UHF Ultra High
Lamps (2) Dimlux 315W CDM lamps, 3100K
Power Consumption At 630W = 662W, 2.7A at 230V and at 760W = 799W, 3.5A at 230V
Par / PPF 1,411 µmol/s at 760W *1.9 µmol/Watt
Lighting Surface at 630W min 0.84m² (9 ft²), max 2m² (21.5ft²) 4½ x 4½ Spread
Lighting Surface at 760W min 1m² (10.7ft²), max. 2.4m² (25.8ft²) 5 x 5 Spread
Diagnostics Red & green LED signals
Measurements 67.5cm x 27.5cm x 13cm (26.5”x10.75”x5.1”)
Weight 6.3kg (13.88lbs)

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