315 Watt CMH Grow Lights

CMH and LEC grow lights are prized for their ability to operate efficiently while creating a fuller spectrum than HID counterparts. Growers who implement this lighting technology in their grow tent or indoor garden will save money on energy bills while increasing the final product of their harvest!

One 315 Watt LEC is enough to cover a 4' x 4' veg room, and a 3' x 3' flowering room. Growers have noticed that the yields generated from one 315W CMH or LEC grow light exceed those from a 1000 Watt HID grow light!

If you are unsure what grow light is right for your specific grow room, give our experienced growers a call today at 888-815-9763 and let us help you! If you want to learn more about grow lights, visit our learning center!


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