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Complete Grow Tent Packages

Complete Grow Tent Packages

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Complete Nutrient Packages

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HPS Grow Lights

High Pressure Sodium Grow Lights

High pressure sodium lights are a great choice for the average grower and have a proven formula for large high quality yields. HPS grow lights are a great value that offer a low initial investment, have a high watt-to-lumen output and they have great light intensity in the orange red spectrum used for flowering. Make sure to replace your bulbs and reflectors every 9-12 months to prevent light efficiency loss. Questions about high pressure sodium lights? Give us a call at 888-815-9763 or email [email protected]

Top Selling Solis Tek HPS Grow Lights
Top Selling Gavita HPS Grow Lights
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High Pressure Sodium Grow Lights

Whether you need a replacement single ended HPS bulb or are looking to buy a complete 1000 watt HPS grow light kit, Hydrobuilder has it all. From single ended grow light kits to double ended grow light kits. We have great deals on all the top HPS grow light brands like Solis-Tek, Gavita, PARsource and Eye Hortilux. For more information call our HPS grow light experts at 1-888-815-9763.