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Complete Grow Tent Packages

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Complete Nutrient Packages

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HID Grow Lights

High Intensity Discharge(HID) Grow Lights

HID, or High-Intensity-Discharge Lighting, has been the standard for decades in the growing industry. Pumping out tremendously intense light the watt to lumen ratio for HID lighting is among the highest for all types of lighting. HID lights also pump out lots of heat and may need to be cooled for some gardens. Because of the heat and light intensity the lights must be kept at a sufficient distance from the plant canopy to avoid burning the plants and leaves. Bulbs must be replaced often to ensure optimal spectrums are maintained, typically bulbs last 9 months to 1 year. HID lighting comes in many different wattages to accommodate different garden needs. The total wattage of a HID lighting system determines it's intensity and the number and quality of the plants that it can grow. The more watts, the more intense the light. At Hydrobuilder.com we offer HID lighting from 250 Watts all the way up to 1000 Watt lights.

HID lighting requires three components; a bulb, a ballast which turns the bulb on, and a reflector or ‘hood’ that throws the light into a certain area. All of which can affect the light output and performance of the lighting so it is crucial to understand how each part works together to achieve optimal lighting.

HID (HPS/MH/DE) Lighting

From bulb to ballast, Hydrobuilder has what you need to create your hydroponic setup. Highest quality grow lights in complete grow light kits, control them, power them, replace them and build your own custom setup with your favorite ballasts, reflectors and bulbs. For more information call our indoor grow lighting experts at 1-888-815-9763 or email [email protected]