Solis Tek 600W Double Ended Wing Grow Light Kit

Solis Tek 600W Double Ended Wing Grow Light Kit


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This grow light kit contains all of the components needed for a complete HID fixture. Choose your preferred bulb in the option above (metal halide, high-pressure sodium, or both for full spectrum) and leave the rest to us! Comes with a FREE Pair of Adjustable Grow Light Hangers!

The Solis Tek 600W Double Ended Wing Grow Light Kit includes a reliable digital ballast, double-ended wing reflector, and your choice of bulb (metal halide, high-pressure sodium, or both for full spectrum). The metal halide spectrum is designed for the vegetative stage and high-pressure sodium for the flowering stage. By using both the HPS and MH bulbs you will see better, healthier growth throughout your grow as well as an overall better quality finished product.

    Included Products:
  • Sun System Flex DE Reflector
  • Solis Tek 600/400 Watt Digital Ballast
  • FREE 1/8" Heavy Duty Light Hangers (2 Per Pack)

Metal Halide (MH) vs. High Pressure Sodium (HPS)

Metal Halide (MH) bulbs are biased in the blue wavelengths which promotes vegetative growth in plants. High Pressure Sodium (HPS) bulbs are biased in the red wavelengths which promotes blooming or flowering in plants. While it is possible to use HPS or MH bulbs alone for the full-cycle of a plants life, it is recommended to use both MH and HPS bulbs during your grow cycle for best results.

Sun System Flex DE Reflector

The Flex DE Reflector is larger than most standard wing reflectors. Highly reflective aluminum offers excellent uniformity, output and diffusion. Patent pending enclosed end wing design for better control of the light footprint. Made specifically for double-ended horticultural lamps (not included). Features German made, UL listed double-ended sockets. Unique double-ended construction allows for maximum optical efficiency and uniformity. Improved spectrum DE lamps used in this fixture focus on the red component for increased photosynthetic response. They offer improved PAR values and increased PAR/Lumen maintenance (up to 90% PAR at 10,000 hours of operation). Light weight and easy to hang. Comes completely assembled with prewired 15 ft lamp cord and sockets. Learn about the reflector here.

Solis Tek 600/400 Watt Digital Ballast

The SolisTek Ballast is a digital ballast on a software based platform. Utilizing Japanese components and unparalleled engineering, Solis Tek is able to achieve a less than 1% return rate. SolisTek Digital Ballasts are tuned for minimal Total Harmonic Distortion (THD%). SolisTek ballasts offer the cleanest burning ballast the industry has to offer. The results are longer ballast and lamp life and less depreciation of lumen and par output over time. Learn more about this ballast.

  • Multi-Wattage
  • Multi-Voltage
  • Soft Start Technology

Solis Tek High Pressure Sodium Double Ended Bulb, 600 Watts - 2,000K

Solis Tek is proud to present their new 600w incredibly High Output Double Ended 400V Digital lamp. Tested at over 2100+ µmol, the SolisTek Double Ended HPS lamp is one of the best horticultural lamps available on the market! Learn more about this bulb.

Solis Tek Metal Halide Double Ended Bulb, 600 Watts - 4,000K

SolisTek's Industry exclusive 600w Double Ended 4K Metal Halide is optimal for plant growth. The 4K MH-DE is a daylight full spectrum light and can be used from seed to flower. It is recommended to supplement with HPS during flower! Learn more about this bulb.

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