HPS & MH Grow Light Kits

HPS and MH Grow Light Kits

Instead of wasting your time choosing single components of your MH and HPS grow light system, just purchase one of our kits! Whether you are brand new to indoor gardening or you are a veteran grower, an MH and HPS grow light kit will remove the stress and hassle of finding the best ballast, light bulb, and reflector!

SE and DE Grow Light Kits

If you are not sure if you should go with an SE or DE grow light kit, consider your grow space. If you are pressed for space and your lights will have to be close to your plants, we recommend the SE system, as it will work best in smaller enclosed spaces. If space is not an issue and you want a more efficient light that burns brighter while emitting a fuller spectrum including ultraviolet and infrared light, DE is your best option.

Why do I need a reflector for my grow lights?

Grow light reflectors and hoods help ensure the money a grower spends on electricity bills doesn't get wasted illuminating the ceiling. Instead, reflective hoods redirect light back down onto the plant, increasing efficiency! The very same principle is why we encourage all growers to outfit their room with mylar and reflective wall coverings. Grow light reflectors come in a variety of styles, such as:

  • Air Cooled – This reflector helps cool the grow light, which saves money on air conditioning costs and helps maintain an optimal temperature. This is why the air cooled reflector is the most popular.
  • Non-Air Cooled – Popular style for well vented grow rooms or grow tents, it does its job well but doesn't minimize heat in the indoor garden.
  • Winged – Low cost reflector. Use in well vented grow spaces, because these can generate a lot of heat.
  • Parabolic – Another low cost option. Also should be used in vented spaces.
  • Vertical Hanging – Great for supplemental lighting.
  • Double Ended – For use with double ended lamps. Available in all reflector types above.

Which grow light kit is best for my grow room?

The wide selection of HPS/MH grow light kits put you in control of your own needs and uses. At Hydrobuilder, we carry MH and HPS grow light kits in ranging from 400 Watts to 1,100 Watts, with different types of reflectors.

If you are looking for a kit for vegging plants, our MH grow light kits provide the best light spectrum for robust, leafy growth. If you are attempting to light a flowering room, our HPS grow light kits emit a spectrum ideal for producing a high quantity of heavy buds!

For growers looking to take additional work off their plate, we offer kits that include both HPS and MH bulbs, providing you with a full spectrum for the entire life cycle of your plant!

Not sure which grow light kit is best for your grow? Call one of our experienced growers at 888-815-9763 and let us help you! You can also read our learning center articles about Grow Lights to learn more about lighting your indoor garden efficiently!


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