HPS & MH Grow Light Bulbs

HPS and MH Grow Light Bulbs

After about 10,000 hours of operation, your HPS and MH bulbs will start to dim and operate less efficiently. To continue providing optimal light to your indoor garden, you will need to replace the bulbs.

What's the difference between HPS and metal halide?

Plants need light from different parts of the spectrum during different stages of their life cycle. During vegetative growth, metal halide (MH) bulbs are used to emit blue light. Blue light encourages robust, leafy growth and leads to the production of more bud sites. Once the plant is ready to flower, high pressure sodium (HPS) bulbs are used. These bulbs produce red/orange light, and this results in heavy, dense flowers. Plants need both MH and HPS lights to grow to their full potential.

Some growers will have a vegging room with an MH grow light, and a separate flowering room with an HPS grow light, which reduces the hassle of constantly changing out grow lights. This also allows for a perpetual harvest, something all growers should strive for!

Are double ended grow lights better?

Double ended (DE) grow lights retains efficiency longer than single ended counterparts, and emits a brighter, more intense light. DE lights are better in most cases, as they can cover a wider canopy. Single ended (SE) grow lights are better for small indoor gardens, where lights will have to be closer to the plants, because they produce less heat than DE lights.

If you want to learn more about grow light bulbs check out our full breakdown in our learning center! If you have any questions, reach out to our experienced growing staff at 888-815-9763 and let us assist you!


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