Gavita Pro 1650e LED Grow Light is no longer available

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Gavita Pro 1650e LED Grow Light is no longer available

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  • Coverage Area
    Veg: 7' x 7'; Flower: 5' x 5'
  • Exact Watts
    646 Watts
  • LED Light Spectrum
    Full Spectrum
  • Voltage
    120/208/240/277 Volt
  • Est. Electricity Cost /mo
  • Warranty
    3 Year

The Gavita Pro 1650 LED ML is 1650 µmol s-1 fixture with an efficiency of 2.6 µmol s-1 per watt. ML stands for Multi-Layer, as the array of LEDs provides a uniform spread of light at short distance to the crop. The array configuration of 8 LED bars also allows you to use it in low rooms, over single benches, or even in 4 x 4 ft or 5 x 5 ft tents. This fixture is built with high quality 120-270 volt Philips advance drivers. Power cords sold separately.

The Gavita Pro 1650e LED ML LED grow light can be used in commercial grows (horizontal and vertical), greenhouses, home grows (rooms and tents) or in climate rooms. The thin 2.1 inch profile is also ideal for low rooms or over benches.

Boasting an incredible 2.6 umol/J and a light output of 1650 umol/s the Pro1650e LED ML provides high-intensity full spectrum light over its entire 4'x4' to 5'x5' flowering footprint. The wide 8-bar form factor helps to provide even coverage across your canopy.

This fixture is passively cooled and is built with high-quality 120-277V Philips Advance LED Drivers for optimum performance.

Features and Benefits

  • Full spectrum with enhanced red for full cycle grows
  • Wide 8-bar form factor for even canopy coverage
  • 646-watt power draw to replace a 1000W HPS
  • 1650 umol/s light output
  • 2.6 umol/J efficiency
  • 120-277V adaptable driver
  • Compatible with Gavita Master EL1 and EL2 Gen 2 Controller for full lighting control

Product Notes

  • The 120V and 240V cords include a plug. The 277V contains an open end cable (open wire leads).
  • The E-Series adapter is only needed if you are connecting the LED fixture(s) to a controller. Otherwise, only a power cord is needed to operate the fixture.

Product Specs

  • Wattage Draw: 646 watts (120V), 629 watts (208-240V), 629 watts (277V)
  • HPS equivalent: 1000 watts
  • Spectrum: Full-spectrum white with enhanced red for seed to flower growth
  • PPF (light output): 1650 umol/s
  • PAR Efficacy: 2.6 umol/J
  • Coverage area: Flowering footprint: 4'x4' to 5'x5' (16 to 25 sq ft), Vegetative footprint: 6'x6' to 7'x7' (36 to 49 sq ft)
  • Dimensions: 44.1 x 44.1 x 2.1 in (112 x 112 x 5.3 cm)
  • Product weight: 28.4 lbs (12.9 kg)
  • Temperature Ambient: 68 ~ 86° F / 20 ~ 30° C for optimal functioning
  • Operating/input voltage: 5.4 A (120V), 2.6 A (208-240V), 2.3 A (277V)
  • Additional details: ETL certified; Can be connected to a Master controller with optional Gavita E-Series Adaptor
  • Product includes: Light fixture [unless selected with options (i.e. cord, controller)]
  • Recommended for: Commercial grows, Greenhouses, Home grows (rooms and tents), Soil, hydroponic, aeroponic, or aquaponic systems, Indoor farming or gardening
  • Manufacturer's Warranty: 3 years (see product specs for details)


The Gavita Pro 1650e LED is a 1650 µmol s-1 fixture with an impressive efficiency of 2.6 µmol s-1 per watt. The Pro 1650e LED delivers broad coverage with its' 8 passively cooled LED bars. It can be used in a top light or multi-layer application. This powerful, full-spectrum light source is intended for full term plant growth from the vegetative stage to the higher light requiring bloom stage. This fixture is built with high quality 120-277 volt Philips brand drivers.


The Gavita Pro 1650e LED is a project fixture by design. It installs right out of the box, reducing installation costs. Built around high-quality Philips-Advance drivers and top bin LEDs, the Gavita Pro 1650e LED breathes functionality and robustness. Its low height and external interface make it ideal for multi-layer cultivation. Various mounting systems (fixed brackets) are available. 4 adjustable Sun Grips light hangers are included with the fixture.


With 1650 μmol s-1 total output, the Gavita Pro 1650e LED is a flowering fixture. It can achieve a high average ppfd of 1000 μmol s-1 m-2 on your crop. For mixed vegetative / flowering environments and to tune the amount of light to the cultivars you grow, the Gavita Pro 1650e LED can be dimmed to 50% without any loss of efficiency. The high fixture efficiency of 2.6 μmol s-1 per Watt enables you to finally leap ahead in reducing your HVAC capacity by about 30-40% compared to regular open HPS/MH solutions. The high efficiency and low powered LED configuration with 8 LED bars reduces the temperature of the LEDs – increasing the output and improving their light maintenance.


Our combination of white and red LEDs result in a relatively high ratio of blue light. Blue light keeps your crop compact in the vegetative stage and adds to an optimal morphogenesis and light interception by the plant. It maintains the photosynthetic system of the plant to optimize its photosynthetic potential and can shorten your flowering period. Blue light also triggers stomatal opening during the light period. The spread of red LEDs in the array guarantees a uniformly mixed spectrum on your crop at short distance. A full spectrum increases the quality of your crop.


The Gavita Pro 1650e LED is compatible with the Gavita Master controllers. It is equipped with an external e-series (Repeater Bus) adapter to which you connect power and control signal. The Gavita repeater bus control interface allows you to install 500 fixtures per controller port by simply daisy chaining the fixtures. The fixture is universal for 120-277 volt systems. Depending on the required voltage, we supply a cable with 120V plug, 240V plug, or open-end cable for industrial voltages and custom installations. The cables are connected to the e-series adapter and the fixture by means of an industrial-grade Wieland connector.

Tech Specs


Weight (lb.)22
Prop 65No
Length (in.)40
Width (in.)40
Height (in.)3
Warranty3 Year
Lead TimeShips in 24-48 Hours
UL ListedNo
Lighting TypeLED
LED Light SpectrumFull Spectrum
LED Fixture TypePanel
Est. Electricity Cost /mo$27.91
Exact Watts646 Watts
HID Equivalent1000 Watt
Coverage AreaVeg: 7' x 7'; Flower: 5' x 5'
PAR Efficiency2.6 umol/J
Total PPF Output1650 umol/s
Power Factor>99%
Daisy ChainUp To 100 Fixtures
Voltage120/208/240/277 Volt
Amps5.4A @ 120V; 2.6A @ 240V; 2.3A @ 277V

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Customer Reviews 7 item(s)

Not bad, low power draw, good coverage, comparatively low heat
Works as intended. Very large so be prepared. The units do give off a decent amount of heat but not crazy. Penetration seems decent. I would buy again, but look for sales.
Great product
This is an awesome first attempt from Gavita.
Great light for my 5x5 tent
This light is perfect for my 5x5 tent
Works great in our 4x8 tent
Great output, low heat and low energy usage. Works very well
this thing is HUGE!
Way larger than expected. but the coverage is amazing. Very low heat, even compared to other LEDs on the market. I ran a 1000w gavita de 2 years ago with great results, but hated the heat and wasn't great for my situation since I had lower ceilings so I moved over to a LED. It was doing great but needed to purchase another for my new room, and so far it is way outperforming every other light I have had before. Just be prepared for it to be almost 4 ft in both directions.
A well designed, low profile fixture, strong competitor to fluence spyderx series
Have pulled one flower run so far; results are better than a 630 cmh. Better oil production and density vs DE HPS, but lacks diffusivity of light, so don't expect same level of canopy penetration. Perfect for vertical grows or SOG style, with shorter plants. I am averaging 1000-1100 PPFD at canopy height around 8"-12" from light, with little to no signs of heat or light stress. Will update once I pull another run and incorporate the gavita controller into the setup. Overall a very strong first attempt for Gavita into the LED game!
Gavita LED!
I have been running 1000 e series for a couple years with great success, but have been wanting to lower my energy use and heat output. I heard a while back Gavita was going to put a LED out in the market but didnt think to much of it.

Well they did, and they did it right. They wouldn't just put out a random product without a ton of research and I am sure that they have a great product here. Great coverage, low heat, great spectrum, plants are growing faster and tighter than i have ever seen! Im super stocked and cant wait to flip my ladies in a few weeks! So happy I got this LED!

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