1000 Watt Grow Light

1000 Watt Grow Light


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    1000 Watts
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What 1000 Watt Grow Light Is Best?

1,000 watt grow lights are incredibly powerful, and are commonly used in commercial settings. These powerful lights can cover a large area of your plant's canopy, and allow you to cut down on the equipment in your growing space.

1000 Watt LED Grow Light

There is debate over what is the best 1000 watt grow light, but it often comes down to budget, and personal preference. For example, 1,000 watt LED grow lights are more expensive than the other technologies. LED is widely considered the best grow light technology, in terms of efficiency, light-spectrum, and all around performance. If you have the money to invest in your grow, you cannot go wrong with LED.

1000 Watt CMH Grow Light

CMH is one of the two main types of HID grow lighting, and is a close second to LED grow lights, and some growers even prefer it. It provides a very intense HID light, and often rival LED's efficiency. This newer technology is also pricey, but pays for itself over time with energy savings.

1000 Watt MH/HPS Grow Light

MH/HPS grow lights are the most budget-friendly option, but can generate a fair amount of heat, and are slightly outdated in terms of efficiency. However, many of the pros still use MH/HPS grow lights.

How much area does a 1000 watt grow light cover?

With all the different types of grow lighting available today, it is tough to put a blanket estimate on how much area a 1000 watt grow light can cover. It is estimated that these lights can cover around 7 x 7 feet. To offer a few specific examples, the Nanolux 1000 Watt Double Ended CMH Commercial Grow Light Fixture can cover 5' x 5', the Black Dog PhytoMAX-2 1000 Watt LED Grow Light Fixture can cover 8' x 8', and the Grower's Choice 1000W Double Ended HID All in One Fixture with Bulb can cover 6' x 6'. The only way to know for sure what your footprint will be is by checking your specific grow light before purchasing.

1,000 Watt Grow Light Electrical Bill

Your 1000 watt grow light's monthly electrical cost will vary depending on which technology you use. LED and CMH grow lights are incredibly efficient, and you will save far more using them as opposed to MH/HPS. Again, though, each specific grow light operates at it's own efficiency rate. Coupled with this is the fact that every region has different costs for electricity. So, this is something you will have to calculate yourself.

First, find your home's cost per kilo-watt hour. Let's assume your average rate is 15.59 cents/Kilo-Watt hour. Then, you need to determine how many hours/day you will be using your grow light. During veg, this will be at least 18 hours a day. This will drop to 12 hours a day during flower. The final thing you need to calculate is your wattage, which in this case, is 1000. With these figures, we can expect to spend around $87 a month just on this grow light. After the first month, you will have a much better understanding on what you are going to be spending on energy every month.

Tech Specs


Weight (lb.)15
Prop 65No
UL ListedNo
Exact Watts1000 Watts
Glass IncludedNo
Bulb(s) Included?No
Est. Electricity Cost /mo$43.20

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