GreenGro Earthshine Biochar Blend

GreenGro Earthshine Biochar Blend


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Earth Shine All-In-One Natural Soil Booster

    Earth Shine Soil Additive is a sustainable way to enhance your garden's natural biological processes:
  • Increases soil carbon levels
  • Supports microbial development
  • Trace and essential minerals
  • Fortified with humic acid & worm castings

    Instructions for Use:
  • Soil Mix: Mix liberally into soil at a rate of 8oz per 1.5 cu ft of media
  • Transplant: Mix 1 tablespoon into transplant hole and gently mix in or lightly dust root ball. Will not burn roots.
  • Reconditioning Media: Apply 1 tablespoon per 1 gallon of media and thoroughly mix around planting hole zone

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