Water-Soluble Fertilizers for Commercial Growers

FloraPro - Calcium + Micros - Grow - Bloom

From the industry-leading General Hydroponics team comes a new plant nutrition system, devised to accommodate both indoor and greenhouse feed systems. When developing FloraPro, the team considered the nutritional needs of plant types that are grown today, like contemporary vegetable varieties, small fruits, culinary and aromatherapeutic herbs and microgreens, and other more traditional plant types as well.

The FloraPro Series is specially formulated for high value production crops where results and consistency are paramount. This unique formulation and methodology produce superior results in large scale operations. Designed from the ground up for fertilizer injection systems, FloraPro is easy to use and completely water soluble. Our complete and balanced formula is cost effective, scalable and consistent to meet the high standards of a competitive industry.

What Makes FloraPro Different?

FloraPro Comparison Chart
  • Uses high quality raw materials from carefully vetted suppliers
    • Others user lower quality Chinese raw material and Urea-based fertilizers
  • Every batch is analyzed to ensure they are meeting quality standards
  • Designed specifically for your special plants
    • Some competitors products are repackaged fertilizers from other lines of products
  • FloraPro can be concentrated
    • Veg+Bloom original forumals can NOT
    • Maxi Series can NOT
  • FloraPro is economical
  • Offer Technical Services to prodvide custom feed programs

*For A/B solution, Lucas Formula would need to be used for Flora Series.
**Plant Prod requires 5-6 fertilizers used in rotation.


With FloraPro, you can "flex" the amount of each component, or the total amount of nutrients supplied to achieve.

Strategically sized for large-scale

Packaged in convenient 25 lb (11.3 kg) bags for commercial stock tanks and injection system.

Scalable & Affordable

The goal of FloraPro is the same as yours: to save you time and money as your operation grows.

Less Complicated

Many other programs require for or more products. FloraPro only uses three.

How to use FloraPro

The FloraPro system is easy-to-use and efficient for the commercial production of a wide range of indoor-and greenhouse-grown plants. As a two-component system (also known as an A/B system), it is made up of two parts: a calcium-containing fertilizer containing micronutrients (we call it A, part A, tank A or Ca+Micros) and an NPK plus Magnesium component (we call it B, part B, tank B or NPK).

This two-part system provides robust and effective nutrient delivery to plants.

2-tank injection system

Step 1

Start by choosing one of two Calcium + Micros. To do this you will need to know thw alkalinity (hardness) of your water.

Assume an akalinity of 0-10 if you are using RO (Reverse Osmosis) water. Many well waters have alkalinities above 120 PPM.

We offer plenty of meters for testing the alkalinity of your water. You can view TDS, PPM, and EC Meters here.

For water alkalinity below 120 PPM
use FloraPro Calcium + Micros

FloraPro Calcium + Micros

For water alkalinity above 120 PPM
use FloraPro Calcium + Micros Hardwater

FloraPro Hardwater + Micros

Step 2

After choosing your part A formulation, choose the part B formulation based on the crop stage: vegetative or flowering.

Plan ahead and grab both FloraPro Grow and FloraPro Bloom and be ready for all stages of your gardens growth! Both FloraPro Grow and Bloom are essential for the FloraPro series to be effective.

For vegetative stage
use FloraPro Grow Formulation

FloraPro Grow

For flowering stage
use FloraPro Bloom Formulation

FloraPro Bloom

How to dissolve FloraPro Fertilizers for commercial use

This image shows the concentration of fertilizer when preparing FloraPro concentrated stock solutions

FloraPro, by virtue of being a water soluble fertilizer, is concentrated and must be diluted in water. It can be diluted into the irrigation water manually, by employing a “day tank” system, or by using fertilizer injectors or chemical dosing systems.

For further dilution to a Day Tank nutrient solution or directly into the irrigation system using fertilizer injectors

Conentrated Stock Solution

For day tanks/reservoir dilution

Some operators prepare a diluted, ready-to-use nutrient solution, which is often contained in large tanks for direct application to the crop. We call a ready-to-use, diluted nutrient tank a “day tank.”

Growers can prepare day tank solutions using FloraProTM in one of two ways:

  1. FloraPro fertilizers can be added right away to make the final solution volume for day tanks
  2. Or, FloraPro can first be dissolved to make a concentrated fertilizer solution. We call this concentrated liquid fertilizer solution a stock solution. A stock solution can be prepared first, then manually diluted to achieve that nutrient solution concentration in a day tank. You must know the desired final concentration and the necessary dilution to meet that final concentration.
Ready-To-Use Day Tank

Formulation - Standard Recommended Dilution Rates

Target nutrient concentrations proivided by biology team based upon:

  • Best selling GH Flora Series + Supplements
  • Trusted greenhouse formulations
  • Well known scientific research

Formulated 4 products designed to work together over the course of the crop cycle:

  • FloraPro Base (Calcium + Micros)
  • FloraPro Hardwater Base (Calcium + Micros)
  • FloraPro Grow
  • FloraPro Bloom
Dilution Rates
Tech Specs


Nutrient ApplicationSoil & Soilless Mix Nutrient
Nutrient TypeSynthetic Based

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