Smart Pot Long Bed

Smart Pot Long Bed


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Smart Pot Brand Product
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The Smart Pot Long Bed Makes Gardening Neat And Easy

From the company that produced the original, award winning fabric planter - here is the Smart Pot Long Bed. Smart Pot knows that the container you use to grow your plants directly affects how they grow.

To prevent root circles and stunted growth, they set out to manufacture a container that supports your roots with air pruning. Air pruning produces lots of small, "finger" roots, which are able to absorb moisture and nutrients much easier.

With over 30 years of tested and proven fabric container technology, you can rest assured your plants will grow big and healthy in the Smart Pot Long Bed, and they will thank you come harvest!

Why Choose The Smart Pot Long Bed?

Featuring a size for every outdoor grow, the Smart Pot Long Bed makes your garden look neat and tidy. Instead of spending the time, energy, and money building your own raised bed, you can simply fill these with soil or grow medium of your choice and start growing! And, unlike a constructed garden bed, these are easy to move. Simply empty the bed, move it, and fill it again. If you are not going to be growing for a while, you can fold them up and store safely.

These raised beds are 16 inches in length and width. They contain inserts to keep the bed upright and standing tall, so your plants can grow unhindered. These are perfect for large garden installations, and no construction is required. Smart Pot Long Beds are available in 6', 8', and 12' options, all of which are 16 in. wide and 16 in. tall.

Smart Pot Long Bed

Smart Pot Long Bed Features

  • Air prunes your roots, keeping your plant healthy.
  • Almost impossible for ground pests and rodents to penetrate the bed.
  • Just unfold and plant - simple as that, no construction needed!
  • Made in the USA from BPA free fabric, so you can grow organic.
  • Incredibly durable, with a lifespan of 3-5 years. You can use these growing cycle after growing cycle.

Smart Pot Long Bed Specs

Soil volume:

  • 6 ft - 10.7 cubic ft
  • 8 ft - 14.2 cubic ft
  • 12 ft - 21.4 cubic ft

Growing area:

  • 6 ft - 8 sq f
  • 8 ft - 10.7 sq ft
  • 12 ft - 16 sq ft
Tech Specs