Calibration & Cleaning Solutions

Keep your equipment accurate and clean with Hydrobuilder’s pH calibration and cleaning solutions. We carry the top brands like Bluelab, Hanna Instruments, and General Hydroponics to clean and calibrate your pH, PPM, TDS, and more meters to give you an accurate reading every time.

How do you calibrate a pH meter?

Before ever using your pH meter, you will need to calibrate it for accurate first use. There are a number of other situations where you should calibrate you pH meter, including:

  • After changing batteries
  • When you see an unusual reading
  • After cleaning probes
  • Every 30 days

To calibrate your pH meter, you will need to use a calibration solution.

What is a pH calibration solution?

These pH calibration solutions are basic and alkaline liquids, often times 4.0 pH and 7.0 pH. Before calibrating, the device should be cleaned. Then, first use the pH 7.0 (buffer) and then calibrate with the pH 4.0 (slope).

Can you reuse pH calibration solution?

Using a pH calibration solution more than once is not recommended. Attempting to do this can result in poor probe performance, and worse, poor calibration (inaccurate readings). For the price of these solutions, it doesn't really make sense to cut corners.

EC and PPM calibration

Growers also need to regularly calibrate their PPM/EC meters, and at Hydrobuilder, we carry products for this. Our EC/PPM calibration solutions will help you get accurate readings from your nutrient solution or soil every time!

Cleaning your grow room meters

Before you ever calibrate your pH or PPM/EC meters, you will need to clean them. This ensures you are getting an accurate calibration with no other chemicals or compounds present. You should also clean your devices regularly to prevent cross contamination, and keep your accuracy high. Our device cleaning solutions make this easy!

Here at Hydrobuilder, we also carry storage solutions and ORP solutions.

If you want to learn more about calibrating your pH devices, check out our guide to calibrating your pH pen.

If you have any questions about calibration or cleaning solutions for your meters and devices, give us a call at 888-815-9763 and our expert growing staff will help you!


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