Garden Essentials Neem Oil Concentrate

Garden Essentials Neem Oil Concentrate


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Garden Essential's Neem Oil is the highest grade OMRITM-listed Cold-Pressed Neem Oil available on the market!

Garden Essential's Neem Oil is produced using a cold-extraction process, which, unlike the chemical solvent extraction used by other neem products, retains the highest level of the biologically active beneficial ingredients available on the market today. It's these organic properties of Neem Oil that have been proven effective in the agriculture industry for over 2000 years!

Garden Essential's Neem Oil is most effective when used as a preventative and applied during the vegetative stage every 7-10 days. This preventative application begins to work systemically so that with regular use during the vegetative and early flowering stages, the plants will retain those beneficial compounds through the later stages of flowering without re-application. This means that you can eliminate applying harmful chemicals to your prized crops once flowers appear.

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