Fox Farm Open Sesame

Fox Farm Open Sesame


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FoxFarm's early-flowering formula, Open Sesame, is designed to bring plants into bloom at your command. You decide when they bloom!

Open Sesame delivers a specific micronutrient pack at just the right moment. "Open Sesame!" may be a favorite shout of magicians worldwide, but it'll become your go-to chant of choice with FoxFarm's essential nutrient additive.

Whether you’re growing in hydroponic systems, containers, or gardening in ordinary soil, Open Sesame® will go right to work at the root zone and deliver targeted nutrients when the plants need them the most.

Garden Tip: Feed with Open Sesame® every other watering, starting at about the fifth or sixth week of a plant’s life. It takes just a few weeks of Open Sesame® to get stocky, sturdy, compact, high-producing plants and buds that are ready to burst.

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