Flo-n-Gro Ebb & Flow Gro System - 12 Site is no longer available

Flo-n-Gro Ebb & Flow Gro System - 12 Site is no longer available

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    If you are a home grower or commercial grower looking for one of the Best Hydroponic Systems money can buy, look no further than the Flo n Gro 12 Site Hydroponic System. This budget friendly, easy to use system is configured with the Oceanus 1 controller, make it incredibly user friendly. If you are looking for your first system or just want something a little easier to use, this is a great choice. Here are some more reasons we love it.

    Why Grow With The Flo n Gro 12 Site Hydroponic System?

    The Flo n Gro 12 Site Hydroponic System is an ebb & flow style of growing, and is a completely expandable multi-site system. You can double the plant count and expand this system to 24 sites using the 6 site Ebb & Flow Expansion Kit (Item #702785) , so you can start small and add growth sites as your experience grows.

    How The Flo n Gro 12 Site Hydroponic System Works

    As mentioned earlier, this ebb and flow system is controlled by the Oceanus 1 controller. It gets activated periodically throughout the day to ensure your plant gets fed an ample amount. When turned on, the Oceanus 1 controller sends a highly oxygenated, nutrient concentrated water to growth modules. This starts the flood period, where your roots will be drenched in a nutrient solution through a net pot insert.

    Then, after a few moments, this nutrient solutions drains from the growth modules and returns to the reservoir, awaiting the next flood cycle. This constant flooding and draining provides the perfect combination of nutrition and aeration, leading to incredibly large plants with potent flowers.

    Flo n Gro 12 Site Hydroponic System Features

    • 55 Gallon reservoir
    • 12 - Four (4) gallon GRO sites
    • 12 - Three (3) gallon 360 degree mesh aeration inserts
    • 1 - Oceanus 1 Flo-N-Gro controller (Item #: 702780)
    • 2 - Maxi Jet 1200 pumps
    • All 3/4" tubing and tee fittings to set up your GRO system
    • 125 liters of grow media (optional) will properly fill the system's 12 grow sites.
    • 10 Amps Maximum - 120 Volts - 60 Hz.
    • 3 year warranty
    • Flo n Gro 12 Site Hydroponic System Specifications:


      • Size = 24”W x 37” H
      • Total volume = 55 gallons

      GRO sites:

      • 4 gallon Gro sites
      • 360 degree 3 gallon mesh inserts

      Oceanus® 1 – Flo-n-Gro® 12

      • Site Ebb & Flow controller:
      • Size =10”W x 13”D x 14”H
      • Weight =6.25 lbs
      • Voltage Input = 120 Volts
      • Voltage Output = 120 Volts
      • Minimum Amperage = 1 Amp
      • Maximum Amperage = 10 Amps
      • Hertz = 60 Hz
      • Storage Temperature = 32F (0°C) to 135F (57C)
      • Operating Temperature = 40F (5°C) to 90F (32C)

      Full System Components List

      • 1 Controller Oceanus® 1 - Ebb & Flow System with ¾” black ‘EZ Pull End Caps’
      • 12 GRO site Blue 4 Gallon with grommet installed
      • 12 Insert Black 360 degree mesh pot insert
      • 2 Pump 1st Maxi Jet Pump and 2nd Maxi Jet Pump (Same Type)
      • 12 tee 3/4” tub outlet tee fittings
      • 2 Wrap 10” black spiral tubing wraps
      • 1 ½” Spool 20’ spool of 1/2” black tubing coil
      • 1 3/4” Spool 10’ spool of 3/4” black tubing coil
      • 8 Short Tube 2’ pieces of 3/4” black tubing
      • 4 Clamp 1/2” hose clamps
      • 1 Reservoir Blue 55 Gallon Reservoir

      Want to learn more about hydroponics ? Check out our complete guide in our blog!

    Tech Specs


    Plant Count12+
    Growth Module Size4 Gallon
    Number of Rows4 Rows
    Weight (lb.)65.85
    Width (in.)26
    Height (in.)52
    Length (in.)26
    Warranty1 Year
    Prop 65No
    Lead TimeDue to social distancing requirements, this item ships in 2 weeks

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    Product Q&A

    Flo-n-Gro Ebb & Flow Gro System - 12 Site Questions & Answers

    My Flo-N-Gro won't stop pumping water and the system is flooding?

    There is a 1/8" siphon hole in the straight fitting that goes into the top of your reservoir. It is just under the top of the lid drilled into the side of the straight fitting. If this hole is covered by the fill hose, the system goes into a constant fill mode and can flood. If you back down the 1/2" tubing and expose the siphon hole, your system will function correctly.

    I have 8 Flo-N-Gro GRO sites on a single run and they do not fill evenly before the FILL cycle is completed?

    The 3/4" tubing can constrict the water and will not fill all the GRO sites evenly if there are too many sites on a single output port . If possible, try to run even numbers of GRO sites on each output port. For instance, run 2 lines of 4 GRO sites or better yet, 4 lines of 2 GRO sites, and you'll find that they will fill more evenly.

    My timer does not seem to be working properly, it just keeps blinking?

    The power plug acts like an ON/OFF switch in this product. Always make sure that your Oceanus 1 is unplugged before setting or adjusting the timer. Set your feeding schedule, then set your correct time of day, and then plug your power plug back into a 120 VAC outlet. Oceanus 1 will maintain time and schedule until the power is defeated.

    Do I need to clean my Oceanus 1?

    Yes, you should clean your Oceanus 1 completely between each crop. For example, you can use a few drops of antibacterial hand soap to clean the Oceanus 1. Just make sure you thoroughly rinse (minimum of 3 times) the Oceanus 1 to remove all soap and debris before using.


    Flo-n-Gro Ebb & Flow Gro System - 12 Site Reviews

    Great products
    Very little problems and are man made not the products fault


    Fantastic plot
    I found that if you keep a gumbo size kettle of boiling hot water to dip the tubes in, the fittings are a breeze and not a leak in site. They go back as hard once cooled. It also allows for the custom arrangement I did in my 10x10 with connected 4x4 for permanent veg room. All is well in week 4.

    good system
    I have had a few runs now in the flo-n-gro and can say i am happy with the results. I did have some water temp issues in my room but i got a chiller and that worked great. I recommend this to anyone that wants a well built system without paying for a under current.

    Simple Fixes
    I would recommend the 12-site system overall,

    As for the site itself, assembly is pretty simple and fast where one person can set it up solo. That's a convenient feature. The pumps work pretty well, but sometimes the upper tube on the inside of the 55 gallon water canister comes undone.

    This is usually due to the recommended and effective use of cooking oil used as lubrication in order to place the tubes with an ease. The trouble is this makes the tube a tad bit prone to come off and unclamped and then your plants suffer especially the younger ones due to the loss of nutrients and water. So this system requires much more attention than you are paying for. I was able to remedy the tube with a zip tie and if done correctly this method is extremely efficient.

    The pumps are excellent and the timer fully functional makes the watering extremely simple for nearly anybody to use. The metal hatch on the lid is relatively difficult to open and the aluminum clip bends in the wrong direction after about 4-5 times of taking the ring off.

    The suction cups are not attached well to the pumps causing them to fall off and land at the very bottom of the water and near impossible to retrieve. That said the pumps work very well and are quite effective but make sure and use the recommended grow cubes/croutons which Flo-n-Grow offers on-line or can be found at most any hydroponic shop.

    As far as the tubing system it is air tight rock solid and does not leak one bit. Recently I have found better pumps out there for a lot less money, so remember to shop around.