EcoPlus Fixed Flow Submersible/Inline Pumps

EcoPlus Fixed Flow Submersible/Inline Pumps


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EcoPlus Brand Product
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Great for everything from fountains to hydroponic systems!

Eco Plus pumps have an inside threaded fitting and the flow is non-adjustable. Powerful oil-free, rare earth rotor magnet. Ceramic shaft and bearing insures reliability. Trouble free one moving part. Strainer protects impeller from damage.

  • NEVER let the pump run dry.
  • Place the pump at least 6 inches and no more than 3 feet below the water surface, on a stable surface that is free of sludge, sand and other debris.
  • Add fountain extension pipes so that the fountain head is above the surface of the pond.
  • Turn the flow control clockwise to increase flow and counter-clockwise to reduce flow.
  • Water bell nozzle is adjusted by moving the head higher for small bell and lower for a wider bell shape.

Included fittings:

  • One - 2.375" threaded x 2.375" NPT, and two - 2.375" threaded x 2.125" barbed.

Item No.
Max Height
728490 Eco 66 Submersible Pump
728492 Eco 100 Submersible Pump
728495Eco 132 Submersible Pump132284
728300Eco 185 Submersible Pump15826.54
728305 Eco 264 Submersible Pump
728310Eco 396 Submersible Pump396366.5
728315Eco 633 Submersible Pump594547.5
728320Eco 1056 Submersible Pump1083899
728325Eco 1267 Submersible Pump134719213.5
728330Eco 1584 Submersible Pump163824512.5
728333Eco 2245 Submersible Pump216624616.5
727335 Eco 3170 Submersible Pump (Not UL Listed) 317019213.1
728485 Eco 4950 Submersible Pump 475025020
728340 Eco 7400 Submersible Pump 740055023

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Note: The Eco 7400 is not UL Listed.

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