EcoPlus Elite Series Multistage Pump

EcoPlus Elite Series Multistage Pump

EcoPlus Brand Product
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Elite Series Multistage Pumps

The EcoPlus Elite series Multistage Pumps are perfect for supplying water to domestic, irrigation, and gardening applications.

These pumps have 3 impellers which help deliver high flow and pressure. The high flow and pressure makes these pumps ideal for use with many drip emitters, and other irrigation equipment that require a high PSI to operate. This pump is very quiet and runs from a manual on/off switch. Self-priming, compact, and robust construction. Outlet and inlets are 1 in NPT.

Pumps have 5 ft power cord.

Pumpable liquids include:

  • Fresh Water
  • Rainwater
  • Fountain Water (filtered)
  • Drinking Water
  • River or Lake Water

Non-pumpable liquids include:

  • Dirty Water
  • Clear Waste Water

EcoPlus Electronic Multistage Pump with Run Dry Protection

  • Automated on/off: Prevents dry running for long-lasting, reliable performance
  • Flow indicator wheel: Displays flow status at pump outlet
  • Leak detection: Alerts growers of leaks, and shuts off flow to head off damage

Note: Run Dry Protection is only offered on the EcoPlus Electronic Jet Pump

Fittings & Dimensions

For HGC727180 and HGC727180

EcoPlus Elite Fittings & Dimensions

Fittings & Dimensions

For HGC727196

EcoPlus Elite Fittings & Dimensions


SKU HGC727180 HGC727182 HGC727196
HP 1/3 HP 3/4 HP 3/4 HP
GPH 924 GPH 1416 GPH 1416 GPH
Power 730 Watt 1040 Watt 1040 Watt
Voltage 115-120 V AC 115-120 V AC 115-120 V AC
Frequency 60 Hz 60 Hz 60 Hz
Amps 6.6 Amps 9.6 Amps 9.6 Amps
Flow rate max 15.4 gpm 23.6 gpm 23.6 gpm
Max Pressure 43.5 psi 55.1 psi 55.1 psi
Dimensions 19.7" x 9.1" x 12.2" 19.7" x 9.1" x 12.2" 19.7" x 9.1" x 12.2"
Weight 21.1 lbs. 23.1 lbs. 24.1 lbs.

EcoPlus Elite Series Multistage Pump Reviews

Not as advertised.
Pump is very large. Using within the operational ranges and keeps tripping thermal overloads. Hydroponic solution rises to / 85 with water chiller in use.

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