EcoPlus Elite Series Jet Pump

EcoPlus Elite Series Jet Pump


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EcoPlus Brand Product
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Elite Series Jet Pumps

The EcoPlus Elite series Multistage Pumps are perfect for supplying water to domestic, irrigation, and gardening applications.

These pumps have 3 impellers which help deliver high flow and pressure. The high flow and pressure makes these pumps ideal for use with many drip emitters, and other irrigation equipment that require a high PSI to operate. This pump is very quiet and runs from a manual on/off switch. Self-priming, compact, and robust construction. Outlet and inlets are 1 in NPT.

Pumps have 5 ft power cord.

Pumpable liquids include:

  • Fresh Water
  • Rainwater
  • Fountain Water (filtered)
  • Drinking Water
  • River or Lake Water

Non-pumpable liquids include:

  • Dirty Water
  • Clear Waste Water

EcoPlus Electronic Jet Pump with Run Dry Protection

  • Automated on/off: Prevents dry running for long-lasting, reliable performance
  • Flow indicator wheel: Displays flow status at pump outlet
  • Leak detection: Alerts growers of leaks, and shuts off flow to head off damage

Note: Run Dry Protection is only offered on the EcoPlus Electronic Jet Pump

Fittings & Dimensions

For HGC727188 and HGC727190

EcoPlus Elite Fittings & Dimensions

Fittings & Dimensions

For HGC727194

EcoPlus Elite Fittings & Dimensions


HP1/3 HP3/4 HP3/4 HP
GPH708 GPH900 GPH900 GPH
Power780 Watt1050 Watt1050 Watt
Voltage115-120 V AC115-120 V AC115-120 V AC
Frequency60 Hz60 Hz60 Hz
Amps73 Amps9.8 Amps9.8 Amps
Flow rate max11.8 gpm15 gpm15 gpm
Max Pressure43.5 psi55.1 psi55.1 psi
Dimensions19.7" x 9.1" x 12.2"19.7" x 9.1" x 12.2"19.7" x 9.1" x 12.2"
Weight19 lbs.21.7 lbs.21.7 lbs.
Tech Specs