Earth Juice Rootstock Gel

Earth Juice Rootstock Gel


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Earth Juice Rootstock Gel SDS

Natural Cutting Formula For Use With Soft-Stem Cuttings.

Earth Juice Rootstock Cutting Gel
Use to clone your favorite plants, naturally and organically!

Available as a liquid concentrate or as an easy to use dipping gel.


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Earth Juice Rootstock Gel Questions & Answers

Questions & Answers Direct From Hydro-Organics, The Manufacturer Of Earth Juice!

  • WHAT EARTH JUICE NUTRIENT LINES DO YOU RECOMMEND FOR HYDROPONICS? Sugar Peak, Hi-Brix Grow & Bloom, Sweet & Heavy, and Elements are all excellent choices. They are also superb choices for hand-feeding applications.
  • WHAT IS THE SHELF LIFE OF EARTH JUICE PRODUCTS? Earth Juice liquids, granulars and solubles have an indefinite shelf life. Products containing Mycorrhizae and/or Microbes are generally packaged for use within 3-5 years. Earth Juice Sugar Peak, Sweet & Heavy, Hi-Brix Grow & Bloom may develop sugar crystal deposits that will not alter the effectiveness of the products.
  • DO I NEED TO AERATE MY HYDROPONIC RESERVOIR WHEN USING EARTH JUICE? For best results, we recommend to continuously aerate reservoir solutions with a high quality air pump. It is especially recommended when using Earth Juice Sugar Peak, Hi-Brix Grow & Bloom and Sweet & Heavy.
  • IS IT NECESSARY TO CHANGE MY RESERVOIR WHEN USING EARTH JUICE? We recommend keeping systems fresh by draining, flushing lines (if necessary) and adding fresh solution every 14-28 days.
  • DO I NEED TO USE REVERSE OSMOSIS WHEN USING EARTH JUICE? We recommend to use good TAP water whenever possible. Rule of Thumb: If the tap water is considered potable and it
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