Dutch Master Gold ONE Nutrient Package

Dutch Master Gold ONE Nutrient Package


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Tired of mixing part 1 with part 2 and part 3 to get that perfect mix? Hate feeling like you need a chemistry major just to get the dosing right? If you're like the rest of us who wants high performance without all the hassle then you need Dutch Master ONE!

Dutch Master Feeding Schedules

Gold One Grow and Gold One Flower - Dutch Master ONE gives you all the benefits of a leading high performance nutrient without any of the mixing hassles! ONE's leading edge technology, developed over several years by Dutch Master scientists, has successfully married, for the first time, the high performance of a multiple part nutrient with the ease of a one part solution, no more mixing! Try it today it has to be the most hassle free nutrient in the world!

Gold ADD.27 Grow and ADD.27 Flower - ADD. 27 is designed to take your regular mineral fertilizer and, through Dutch Master's special protein based chelating technology, deliver a more effective and powerful mineral nutrition, via optimised cytoplasmic streaming, at the time it is most needed - unlocking your nutrients real power and ADDing power to your results.

Gold Potash+ - Gold Range POTASH+ contains all of the original formulas benefits with added next generation synergistic micro-element binding technology. Dutch Master sourced the finest bio-available British and US Pharmaceutical grade phosphorus and potassium and blended them with a specialized suite of synergistic micro-elements that have proven to be exactly what a plant wants and needs.

Gold Zone - Gold Range ZONE ensures that your root system and environment are optimized to help your plants take up to 100% of what they need - all of the time! Forget the enzymes and forget the beneficial bacteria. Gold Range ZONE works with All synthetic nutrients & additives, in All systems and All mediums!

Gold Silica - Gold Range SILICA substantially strengthens a plants ability to transport nutrients and other elements in the roots and internal plant cells. It will help increase cell wall stability, speed up root cell replication, build stronger and more extensive root systems, increase nutrient absorption and resist stress and drought as well as enhance the plants ability to resist insects and pathogens.

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BrandDutch Master
Nutrient ApplicationHydroponic and Soil Nutrient
Nutrient TypeSynthetic Based