Down To Earth Liquid All Purpose is no longer available

Down To Earth Liquid All Purpose is no longer available


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This product is no longer available, but we have so much more to show you!

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Down To Earth Liquid All Purpose 4-1-3 is designed to promote increased shoot, flower, fruit and root development in all types of plants including flowers, fruits, herbs, ornamentals and vegetables. Use DTE Liquid All Purpose 4-1-3 throughout the growing season to support the natural progression of plant development for vigorous growth, abundant fruits and a bountiful harvest.

DTE Liquid All Purpose 4-1-3 is most effective as a soil drench and is designed for plants grown in garden soils, potting soils or soilless media. Filtered to 420 microns (can pass 40 mesh screen) for easy application. Check equipment manufacturer’s specifications for particle size and compatibility requirements.

Soil Drench:

Use ½ – ¾ cup (4-6 oz.) per gallon of water or 2-5 gallons per acre. Apply around the base of plants, at the drip line of trees or through an irrigation system. Begin applications when planting, transplanting or anytime during active root development. Repeat application twice monthly or as needed.

Foliar Spray:

Use 2 tbsp. (1 oz.) per gallon of water or 1-2 gallons per acre. For best results, combine with a natural surfactant to increase adhesion to the leaf surface. Spray foliage to the point of run-off starting at the 4-leaf stage for vegetables and flowers. Repeat application weekly or as needed.


Use 2-4 tbsp. (1-2 oz.) per gallon of water depending on size of plant and growth pattern desired. For rapid growing plants, use stronger rate. Repeat application with each watering or as needed.


Use 2 Tbsp (1 oz) per gallon of water. Apply solution around the base of plants. Repeat application every two weeks in spring and summer and once a month in fall and winter.

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