DimLux Temperature Sensor Cable

DimLux Temperature Sensor Cable


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DimLux Brand Product
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The DimLux Temperature Sensor is designed for use with the DimLux Maxi Controller, feeding information about the grow area’s environment back to the Controller’s onboard computer. The temperature sensor for DimLux ensures that at undesired temperatures the lights are dimmed or turned off. With the temperature sensor you can be sure that if anything goes wrong, the lights do not stay lit. Once the temps are lowered back to an acceptable level the lights are turned back on.

By gathering specific temperature-related data on a grow area, the DimLux Temperature Sensor ensures lights come on and off as needed and provides the most refined and natural growing environment for your plants. Data is transmitted to the separately sold DimLux Maxi Controller which in turn communicates with lights, CO2, and humidity, for a comprehensive environmental management experience. Usage of this product is appropriate for all cycles throughout the grow cycle including both veg and flowering.

The sensor portion of this product should be hung at approximately the height of the plant canopy. The use of a sensor cover to protect the probe from light radiation is mandatory to achieve accurate results. Connect this sensor to the “Temp” slot on the DimLux Maxi Controller.

  • Measures temperature levels in the grow area
  • Highly accurate, professional grade equipment
  • Designed for use with the DimLux Maxi Controller
  • 5 or 10 meter cable
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