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Custom Cones USA Pre-Rolled Blunt Cones & Blunt Wraps

Custom Cones USA Pre-Rolled Blunt Cones & Blunt Wraps


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Get Full Flavor & A Smooth Burn With All Natural Blunt Cones & Wraps

Pre-rolled cones are a great pre-roll option, but sometimes you need the slow smoke and rich flavor of a blunt-style product. Custom Cones USA offers the widest array of pre-rolled blunts like hemp wrap blunts and natural palm-leaf blunts.

Custom Cones blunts come in 3 different materials

  • All-Natural Toasted Tendu
  • All-Natural Cordia
  • All-Natural Hemp

Both the Tendu and Cordia are availalbe as Pre-Rolled Cones or Pre-Rolled Wraps

Sizes of the Tendu & Cordia pre-roll blunts range from 0.5 Grams to 2 Grams with lengths between 60mm and 105mm

Sizes of the Hemp pre-roll blunts range from 0.5 Grams to 1 Grams with lengths between 84mm and 109mm

What are the differences in the pre-roll material?

*All Natural Toasted Tendu Leaf

Made famous by the King Palm line, our Toasted Tendu palm blunts are similar to their Cordia leaf style smokes, but a lighter green and with more of a matte look. They are just slow-burning and customers typically prefer the Toasted Tendu flavor of the Cordia palm leaf flavor! However, we offer both leaf styles for our customers.

The big difference with Tendu when compared to others is the type of leaf used and how the leaves are cured - the tendu leaves are toasted, removing chlorophyll and other plant components, which creates a super smooth and subtle taste. However, this doesn’t interfere with the taste of your flower, instead, it complements the flavor. The Tendu palm blunts are a lighter color than the traditional "palm blunts," but this lighter leaf actually has a smoother flavor profile.

Toasted Tendu Leaf Image

*All Natural Cordia Leaf

Made famous by the King Palm brand of palm blunts, the Cordia leaf smokes exactly like a cigar, without having to smoke any tobacco leaves. Now with our leaves, you are free to make a brand and line that maintains the authentic and premium look and feel. All our leaves can be sold in recreational markets and further expands how many products your brand can offer!

The Cordia leaf (originally from the Borage family and popularized by the consumer brand King Palm) is the perfect choice for those who want a subtle earthy taste, which not only complements the taste of your flower but does not interfere with the flavor of your pre-roll at all. Our Cordia leaves contain zero glue and have a slow-burning effect that is perfect for those who are used to smoking blunts but want to stray away from tobacco.

Toasted Cordia Leaf Image

Hemp Wrap

Unlike other blunt cones on the market, these blunt cones are made with all-natural hemp wraps and are made without any artificial flavorings. Our hemp wraps and your flower will be in perfect smoking harmony. The flavor of the blunt cone never overpowers the flower and we never use poor-quality industrial hemp to produce our wraps. Customers prefer our blunt cones because it encourages the flavor of the flower to come out while offering the full powerful smoke associated with blunt.

Our blunt cones have the traditional blunt style smoking experience, with a perfect slow burn. This means our blunt cones are perfect for sharing between many people. You can differentiate your pre-roll line with this slow burning blunt cone made for parties, events, and special occasions. The blunt cone also allows you to stand apart.

Hemp Wrap

*Both the Tendu and Cordia have Cornhusk Filters

With our cornhusk filters, there are no worries about flower going through while being perfect for the milky smoke to come through. They are 100% Natural, along with all our leaves, and reduces any harshness. These filters are the most durable and effective in all gram palm leaves. Each blunt wrap contains no glue and is the highest quality natural option on the market

Cornhusk Filters Image
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