Current Culture Under Current Solo - 4 Pack

Current Culture Under Current Solo - 4 Pack


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Current Culture High Performance Deep Water Culture - The Proven Production System

The Under Current® features the patented Sub-Current Culture® circulation method. This high-performance water culture system is unmatched in efficiency, layout versatility and ease of use. The Under Current® utilizes negative water pressure to recirculate oxygenated nutrient solution through the plant’s root zone ensuring pH and EC levels are uniform throughout the entire system.

The Under Current® is the cornerstone of the CCH2O Proven Production Approach when used with Cultured Solutions® Nutrients and the CCH2O Nutrient Dosing System.

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What is the Under Current® SOLO?

The SOLO Single Module Water Culture System is great for hydro beginners and mother plants. It’s available in both 8 and 13-gallon module sizes with interchangeable CCH2O Lid options. The UC Solo is easy to setup and maintain, start growing trees!

The Under Current Solo Includes:

  • Premium Linear Air Pump(s)
  • Growth Module Air Stones
  • Air Hose
  • Drain Valve Kit
  • Growstone Grow Medium
  • Cultured Solutions VEG A/B
  • 1-Year Warranty.

    Module Dimensions:
  • 8 Gallon Multi-Mod: 16" x 14" x 15"
  • 13 Gallon Multi-Mod: 16" x 14" x 23"

Benefits of Growing in an Under Current®

Grow Trees

Yield more with less. Reduce plant counts. More production per plant.

Get Your Weight

Accelerated growth rates. Cut veg times. Heavy Yields = Heavy Profits.

Take A Vacation

Easy and reliable. No timers, no guesswork. Reduced labor and maintenance.

RDWC Hydroponics Growers Guide

Want to learn to grow like a pro in the Under Current® system? Take a look at our Current Culture™ Grower's Guide for step by step instructions and tips.

Under Current® System Options

Have questions? Please give us a call and one of our knowledgeable tech specialists will be ready and able to answer them all!


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