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Hydrobuilder - Current Culture Under Current PRO

Deep Water Culture At Its Finest

Current Culture's Under Current® PRO Series Hydroponic Systems

Are you ready to step up your garden to the big leagues? Current Culture's PRO systems will dramatically increase your yields and reduce overall effort, read below to learn more!

About Current Culture Under Current® PRO Systems

Current Culture has developed the best recirculating deep water hydroponic systems for use in commercial cultivation settings available today. The Under Current®® PRO series, these highly configurable systems are ideal for large scale growers looking for explosive growth while reducing effort and system issues. Featuring many innovations from Current Culture’s years of experience, these systems deliver high levels of aeration and circulation that maximize nutrient efficiency and produce amazing yields. Every heavy duty component has been built for maximum durability and reliability in commercial greenhouse settings.

Built For Pros

Made for the serious grower, these systems are capable of producing monstrous plants quickly. By utilizing one large system rather than multiple smaller ones, a commercial scale grower can reduce total effort and reap the benefits of an organized and efficient deep water culture system. Smart growers will take advantage of the flexible UC PRO lids allowing you to easily transplant from the smaller Current Culture systems or create a sea-of-green garden by utilizing the 4, 6 or 11-site optional UC PRO lids.



UC PRO Growth Modules

The heart of all UC PRO systems is the ABS 35 gallon PRO growth module. These highly developed growth reservoirs have some very unique features exclusive to Current Culture and help to make the UC PRO systems versatile and easy to use:

Multiple Module Top Styles

Choose from 1, 4, 6 and 11 grow-site tops for a variety of growing styles and needs. The 4, 6 and 11 site tops are great for sea-of-green, whereas the 1 site top is optimal for growing large trees!

Water Level Indicators

Each module has easy to ready water level markings to help adjust total system water volume and easily calculate nutrient input.

Easy Drain Bottom and Recessed Valve Inlets

Recessed air, water and float valve inlets make setup and maintenance a snap. Easy drain bottom is just that, simple and quick to use with a standard garden hose fitting.

Made in California

Both the module bases and lids are made with high quality ABS plastic here in California.

"Dump the buckets... this thing rocks!

The efficiency the simplicity is just a no brainer. ~ Greg a Hydrobuilder Customer


Professional Grade Components

Each UC PRO system includes high-quality, professional-grade equipment to ensure ultimate reliability and performance. All components have been thoroughly tried and tested in hundreds of commercial cultivation settings and have helped to deliver amazing results.

Quick-Connect Air Manifolds and Premium Air Diffusers

Super easy to install, the included air manifolds and AquaPore XL diffuser rings deliver significantly higher dissolved oxygen creating extremely small bubbles and promoting rapid nutrient uptake.

PRO Air Delivery System

The PRO Air Delivery system include the highest quality linear air pump or commercial regenerative blower (16-site and above). It comes standard with up-sized, quick-connect air manifold fittings and premium quality air hose.

Mag-Drive Return Pump

You wont have to worry about spills or leaks with this pump! Strong durable build quality will keep this powerful pump running for years and years.

Custom Plant Spacing

All UC PRO systems come standard in a “boneless” style without straight sections of PVC tubing allowing you to configure the distance between each growth module. It’s easy to adjust system length and width, just cut straight pieces of 3” PVC to the desired length and connect with the easy to use spin-tight bulkheads. Setup is a snap, and you can customize again and again as needed.

Learn more about Current Culture system size and plant spacing

Cultured Solutions Nutrients

The optimal hydroponic system is made even better with the optimal nutrients from Cultured Solutions. Developed specifically for use in the Current Culture systems, this line of nutrients and root-health products contains the perfect mix of macro and micro nutrients to produce amazing results and explosive growth. Combined with the increased dissolved oxygen produced by the UCPRO system design, these nutrients will blow away the competition and ensure stable pH levels and minimal residue buildup.

Learn more about Cultured Solutions Nutrients

UC PRO Systems and Sizes:

There are many models to choose from, each optimized for various room shapes and sizes. From the individual UC SOLO PRO all the way to the 32 module UC Double Barrel, you are sure to find a system that will allow you to make the most of your unique grow space. Each system also allows for custom plant spacing to allow you full flexibility to maximize your layout and production in any grow room size.

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Single Module Systems

UC Solo PRO 1 • One-Site 35 Gal. Growth Module
• Module Size: 25" x 36" x 15"
• Price: $466.00
UC Solo PRO 4 • Four-Site 35 Gal. Module
• Module Size: 25" x 36" x 15"
• Price: $469.20
UC Solo PRO 6 • Six-Site 35 Gal. Growth Module
• Module Size: 25" x 36" x 15"
• Price: $472.40
UC Solo PRO 11 • Eleven-Site 35 Gal. Module
• Module Size: 25" x 36" x 15"
• Price: $475.60

Two Row Systems

UC PRO 4 • Four 35 Gal. Growth Modules
• Recommended Space: 15′ x 20′
• Price: $2,699.00
UC PRO 6 • Six 35 Gal. Growth Modules
• Recommended Space: 15′ x 25′
• Price: $3,392.95
UC PRO 8 • Eight 35 Gal. Growth Modules
• Recommended Space: 15′ x 30′
• Price: $4,670.95
UC PRO 12 • Twelve 35 Gal. Growth Modules
• Recommended Space: 15′ x 45′
• Price: $5,957.95
UC PRO 16 • Sixteen 35 Gal. Growth Modules
• Recommended Space: 15′ x 60′
• Price: $6,826.45

Three Row Systems

UC PRO E9 • Nine 35 Gal. Growth Modules
• Recommended Space: 25′ x 25′
• Price: $5,048.95
UC PRO E12 • Twelve 35 Gal. Growth Modules
• Recommended Space: 25′ x 30′
• Price: $6,101.95
UC PRO E18 • Eighteen 35 Gal. Modules
• Recommended Space: 25′ x 45′
• Price: $7,604.95
UC PRO E24 • Twenty Four 35 Gal. Modules
• Recommended Space: 25′ x 60′
• Price: $10,016.95

Four Row Systems

UC PRO DB16 • Sixteen 35 Gal. Growth Modules
• Recommended Space: 35′ x 30′
• Price: $6,979.45
UC PRO DB24 • Twenty Four 35 Gal. Modules
• Recommended Space: 35′ x 45′
• Price: $10,331.95
UC PRO DB32 • Thirty Two 35 Gal. Modules
• Recommended Space: 35′ x 60′
• Price: $12,572.95
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