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Hydrobuilder - Sizing your Current Culture System

Sizing Your Current Culture System

Choosing the right Current Culture System for your grow space

Not sure which Current Culture Hydroponic System is right for you? Let us help explain all of your options and variables to consider.

Many Sizes and Styles to Choose From

Current Culture offers a wide range of system sizes to fit your grow space, budget and goals. From the long rectangular standard Under Currents to the massive Double Barrel PRO systems, you are sure to find your perfect match here on Hydrobuilder.com. Whether you are setting up your first grow room, or building the ultimate commercial setup after years of experience, Current Culture’s unique features and benefits will make setup and maintenance of your hydroponic grow room easier and faster!


Total System Size Considerations

The available floor space is just one of the many variables to consider when choosing the size of your Current Culture system. Other variables include the lighting plan, the heating and cooling systems that will be used, the need for human access to all sides of the system, as well as the height of the room and resulting plants. Maxing out a room with the largest system possible may not be your most productive option, it’s important to plan ahead and map out all aspects of the grow to ensure you leave yourself the necessary space for your other equipment and room to work.

Lighting Plan

Each system will require different levels of light to fully maximize the potential of the growth modules used. It’s important to consider the total available power for the entire lighting plan, as well as your budget for both lighting equipment and power. Read below to learn more about our recommendations for lighting each of Current Culture’s Systems.

Heating, Cooling and Environmental Control

Temperature control, as well as fresh-air ventilation and C02 are essential to healthy plant production. Knowing what size of equipment you will use, where it will be installed, and it’s total power use will help you to plan out what space and power budget you need to allocate. Also consider water chillers and heaters, C02 emitters, water filters, oscillating fans and access to light and environment controllers and safety equipment.

Ceiling Height and Overhead Equipment

Maxing out a room won’t do you any good if the plants have no room to grow vertically. Plan out your desired size for fully mature plants ahead of time to avoid issues when flowering. Consider your strategy for hanging lights. Will you be using light movers? Will your ventilation equipment get in the way? Also consider the various growing strategies available to you such as sea-of-green which can help you make the most of spaces with shorter ceilings.

"I've used this line for over two years... Spectacular results every time!"

~ CaliGrown a Hydrobuilder Customer

Module Sizes and Plant Spacing

Current culture offers a variety of module sizes and plant spacing options through its various systems which along with growth time and nutrition can affect the final size of a fully mature plant. Typically you can expect the following sizes from the available growth module sizes:

There are four standard plant spacing options for you to choose from, with a fifth option being a custom spacing solution through the use of UCPRO line of systems (read more about UCPRO below). The most common and practical for most growers will be the 25" or 30" distance offered on the XL and XL13 models.

UC Systems - 18" Plant Centers

Recommended Veg Time: 1 - 2 Weeks or 12" - 18" Tall

Recommended Lighting: 1 x 600w per 4 Modules or
1 x 1000w per 6 or 9 Modules

XL Systems - 25" Plant Centers

Recommended Veg Time: 2 - 3 Weeks or 18" - 24" Tall

Recommended Lighting: 1 x 1000w per 4 Modules

XL13 Systems - 30" Plant Centers

Recommended Veg Time: 3 - 5 Weeks or 24" - 30" Tall

Recommended Lighting: 1 x 1000w per 4 Modules

XXL13 Systems - 40" Plant Centers

Recommended Veg Time: 4 - 6 Weeks or 30" - 36" Tall

Recommended Lighting: 1 x 600w per Module

System Layouts

There are three main layouts available for the Under Current systems: two, three or four rows. Each of these layouts can have a various number of growth modules which determines the overall system size and lighting requirements:

Under Current Systems - Two Rows

• Great for grow tents and narrow spaces

• One row of horizontal lamps

• 4-16 growth modules

Under Current Evolution Systems - Three Rows

• Great for rectangular and residential spaces

• Two rows of horizontal lamps

• 9-24 growth modules

Under Current Double Barrel Systems - Four Rows

• Great for large and commercial spaces

• Two rows of horizontal lamps

• 16-32 growth modules

Professional and Custom Sized Systems

If you are a commercial cultivator setting up a large-scale operation the Under Current PRO line of hydroponic systems gives you the most flexibility in terms of total system size and growing style options. The numerous lids available for the 35 gallon UC PRO growth modules enable you to grow 1, 4, 6 or 11 plants in each module. The UC PRO systems also come "boneless" without the straight sections of 3" PVC allowing you to customize the lengths to your desire. This gives you the freedom to modify the total system size, layout and plant spacing to match your desired grow strategy.

Learn more about the UCPRO line of products

Lighting Recommendations

There are many types and styles of grow lighting available today, from open wing style HID reflectors to the very focused LED lights. Each of these styles will require different strategies to maximize their potential. The following recommendations are based on using standard HID HPS lighting systems of various wattage using standard reflectors or vertically hung bulbs with no reflector. For other types of lighting, please refer to manufacturer recommendations on lighting footprint and compare to these recommendations.

UC Systems

Our most popular spacing - 18" plant centers require 1 x 600w horizontal lamp per every four Growth Modules, or 1 x 1000w horizontal lamp per every six or nine Growth Modules. Recommended veg time is 1 - 2 weeks.

UC XL and UC XL13 Systems

Systems on XL - 25" plant centers or XL13 - 30" plant centers require 1 x 1000w horizontal lamp per every four growth modules. Recommended veg time is 2 - 3 weeks for XL systems and 3 - 5 weeks for XL13 systems.

UC XXL13 Systems

Systems on XXL13 - 40" plant centers require 1 x 600w horizontal lamp per every growth module or 600w vertical lamps between every set of four sites and around the outside between every two sites. Recommended veg time is 4 - 6 weeks.

UC PRO Systems

Systems on 50"+ plant centers require 1 x 1000w horizontal lamp per every growth module or 1000w vertical lamps between every set of four sites and around the outside between every two sites. Recommended veg time is 6 - 8 weeks.

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