Covert LED-X Master Lighting Controller

Covert LED-X Master Lighting Controller

Covert Brand Product

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Take Total Control of Your Covert Grow Lights With The ALL-NEW Covert LED-X Master Lighting Controller!

The new Covert Master Lighting Controller is a dual-channel smart controller which gives growers the ability to control up to 50 fixtures per room or 100 total lights with a single controller. It has two dedicated temperature sensors, one for each room that provides real-time data for automated temperature-based dimming, as well as a high-temperature shutdown feature that protects your garden.

Covert LED-X Controller Features & Benefits
  • No need for a switchboard
  • Easy & Safe Installation (Low Voltage Device)
  • Auto-Dimming/Auto-Shutdown Safety Feature (Includes 2 Temperate Sensors)
  • Controls Up To 100 lTotal Lights, or 2 x 50 In Separate Rooms
  • Designed Specifially For Covert LED-X Series Grow Lights (Covert 250W LED-X & Covert 500W LED-X
  • Sunrise/Sunset Modes
  • Celsius or Fahrenheit & 24 Hr/AM/PM Settings
  • Protected Against Short Circuits
  • CE certified

  • Covert LED-X Controller Specifications:
  • 24 Hour Timing (On/Off Control)
  • Adjustable Power Output Level: 50-115%
  • Select Fixture Wattage: 250W/400W/600W/630W/800W/1000W/315W (Custom Setting)
  • Shows Power Output As Watts & Percentage
  • Auto-Dimming & Shutoff For High Temeratures
  • Sunrise / Sunset Periods
  • Outputs: 2 (Main/Aux)
  • 50 Lights Controlled Per Output
  • 100 Total Lights Controlled (Either In One Room Or 2 x 100 In Separate Rooms)
  • 2 Temperature Sensors (For 2 Separate Rooms)
  • 2 External Contactor Modules (ECM)
  • Warranty: 1 Year

  • Easy Installation

    Installing the Master Controller is very simple. All you need to do is plug the power cable into the wall outlet, connect the RJ cables from the controller to each Covert LED, and connect the temperature sensors. From there all you havew to do is set your wattage, on/off times, high temp shutoff and dimming points and yoiu are ready to start growing!

    Replaces Timers

    The Covert Smart Conroller replaces standard digital or mechanical timers, plus gives you more features like auto-dimming and shutoff as well as sunrise and sun set modes.

    Auto-Dimming and Power Boost Mode

    Once you have connected your lights to the controller and set the on/off timer, you can easily set the max tempuratures for the controller to automatically dim or turn off the LEDs in the case your room gets too hot.

    Tech Specs


    Weight (lb.)2
    Length (in.)5.98
    Prop 65No
    Width (in.)3.35
    Height (in.)1.26
    Warranty1 Year
    UL ListedNo
    Number of Lights Controlled2
    Has PhotocellNo
    Voltage120/240 Volt

    Covert LED-X Master Lighting Controller Reviews

    Works pretty well
    The features like sunrise and set mode are great, has a timer, also high heat shut off, but the Covert lights don't run hot do I don't really need that function. The only grip I have is that the app does not work great, which they said they are working on. But the controlled itself works well and now that I'm getting a second room going for veg, it makes more sense than ever. good price compared to other smart controller too

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