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Covert 4" Complete Ventilation and Odor Control Kit


Products In This Package Price Qty
Gale Force 4" Inline Fan, 189 CFM
Covert 4" Carbon Filter
Speedster Variable Fan Speed Controller
Ideal Air Silver/Black Flex Ducting 4 in x 25 ft
Active Air Stainless Steel Duct Clamps - 4"
HBX Small Carbon Filter Hanging Strap (Fits 4" Carbon Filters)

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Covert 4" Complete Ventilation and Odor Control Kit

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The All-New Covert Carbon Filter Complete Ventilation and Odor Control Kits are the perfect solution to poor ventilation, excess heat and unwanted odor!

The Covert 4" Ventilation and Odor Control Kit is ideal for removing unwanted odor and excess heat from a 4' x 4' or smaller grow tent, grow cabinet or grow room. This package can be used as a ventilation system for air cooled reflectors or as a stand alone system for extra cooling in high heat or problem areas.

The rule of thumb is to replace the air in your grow area every 3 minutes to keep your grow environment well ventilated with and fresh, cool air for your plants.

Note: To determine your cubic feet of your grow area (volume), use this equation - Length x Width x Height = Cubic Feet.

There are a number of correct ways to set-up your ventilation system in you grow area. Here at Hydrobuilder we recommend mounting your carbon filter at the ceiling of your grow area for the most efficient heat removal.

Need a larger ventilation system for your area? Check out the other Cover Carbon Filter Ventilation and Odor Control Kits below.
Covert 6" Ventilation and Odor Control Kit
Covert 8" Ventilation and Odor Control Kit

Package Details:

Covert 4" Carbon Filter

Covert carbon filters are the ultimate in odor removal and control. Covert carbon filters are designed for long-lasting performance at a great value. Designed for use in grow tents, grow rooms, and any enclosed indoor grow. Covert activated carbon filters will purify and filter out any unwanted molds, spores, dust, pollen, odors and any other particles that can have adverse effects on your plants.

  • Machine packed activated virgin carbon allows for maximum air scrubbing
  • Highly effective, low density virgin carbon
  • 50mm carbon bed ensures all air is cleaned
  • Long life span (12-18 months)

Gale Force 4" Inline Fan, 182 CFM

Gale Force Inline Fans offer high performance at a great value! Great for residential and commercial applications. Durable ceramic-coated metal housing, High quality molded impeller, and thermally protected AC motor keeps these Inline fans running smooth and quite. Includes mounting brackets and 8 ft. pre-wired 120v power cord. 100% speed controllable. 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty. Learn more about this inline here.

  • 182 CFM
  • 80 Watts
  • 120 Volts

Variable Fan Speed Controller

This multi-function fan speed controller allows you to set your fan motor speed accordingly. You are able adjust the fan speed in the summer when you may need more airflow because of the higher temperatures then adjust it down in the winter when not as much may be needed. 3 Setting: Off, Full, and Variable. UL listed for safe use.

Ideal Air Silver/Black Flex Ducting 4 in x 25 ft with Active Air Stainless Steel Duct Clamps - 4"

Ideal Air commercial grade premium foil ducting is easy to install and is able to handle even the harshest of grow room environments. The black-inside helps minimize airflow noise created from your fan and reduces light transfer as well as strengthening the ducting itself. Lightweight enough to be fastened to ceilings, walls, holes or reflectors. In conjunction with fans, ducting can be used to extract odor and heat from your grow space. Includes 2 worm drive adjustable stainless steel, rust resistant duct clamps.


Warranty Yes
Free Shipping Yes
UL Listed Yes
Flange Size 4" Diameter
Flange Included Yes
Cord Length 8 Ft.
Amps 0.67A
Watts 80W
Voltage 120V

Covert 4" Complete Ventilation and Odor Control Kit Setup Guide

Ventilation Setup

Proper ventilation is essential to healthy plant growth, and proper filtration is equally essential to clean the air and kill all odors. You should be replacing the air in your grow space about once every 5 minutes when the lights are on. To calculate the CFM performance you need to properly ventilate your grow space use the following formula: (Grow Space Width X Length X Height) / 5 = Recommended CFM.

Please note that CFM performance of a fan is affected by the length and path of ducting and the use of a carbon filter. Therefore when using a carbon filter you must add an additional 20% to the CFM recommendation to account for the loss. So the formula when using a carbon filter would be: ((Grow Space Width X Length X Height) / 5) X 1.2 = Recommended CFM.

With 25ft of high performance ducting included, you have plenty to create a custom routing that best fits your installation. The included Hydrobuilder variable fan speed controller helps to give you more control over CFM and fan noise.

Your ventilation can be set up in a number of ways. Here are some possible configurations:

If you have any questions about how to best set up your ventilation equipment, just give us a call! We are here to help.

Customer Reviews

Growing (indoors) without knowing! Review by biQ MD Research
The aromas from growing tomatoes, green onions & Cilantro indoors during the Winters months can become over barring without proper ventilation.

The Covert 4" Complete Ventilation and Odor Control Kit is perfect for "scrubbing" the air clean and quietly.

The only tools you'll need is a pair of wire cutters if you are planning on cutting a small section of the Ideal Air Silver/Black Flex Ducting for connecting the Gale Force 4" Inline Fan (exhaust section) & carbon filter (piece 1) and the ducting (from your grow space or tent) to the fan (intake / piece 2)

You'll need a screwdriver for the ducting clamps or get some zip ties to secure the ducting around the fan & carbon filter.

Great product!!

(Posted on March 28, 2017)
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Very satisfied! Review by PaulDelaney
I purchased this for my 3x3 grow tent thats in my apartment because as my plants grew, so did the smell. Since adding this I have not had to deal with any unwanted odors. FIVE STARS!!!!!

(Posted on December 29, 2015)
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