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Progressive Farms Compost Tea in a Box 20 Gallon

Item #: CT20

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Progressive Farms
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Progressive Farms Compost Tea in a Box 20 Gallon

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IntroducingCompost Tea in a Box! Compost tea is a living solution. It is the act of growing beneficial microbes in an aerated solution with food sources and mineral catalysts.

When fed and aerated, beneficial bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and all of their microscopic friends contained in the soil food web begin to replicate to extraordinary concentrations.

Compost tea is both a fertilizer and a living solution. The fertilizer comes from the food sources (Earth Syrup, Earth Kelp) and mineral catalysts (Earth Tonic) and the living solution, or microbes, come from the biological inoculant (Earth Compound).

Compost tea can be created in unlimited ways. There is still so much left to discover. Start with our recommendations, years of research and trial & error have gone into creating our formulas. Rest assured your garden has never seen anything like it.

  • Contains 4 of Finest Compost Tea Ingredients Available
  • Can and Should be Used in ALL Growing Situations
  • Acts as a Fertilizer, Disease Control, Pest Control, & So Much More!
  • Creates Beneficial Microbes that Cannot be Found Alive in a Bottle on a Shelf
  • Everything You Need but the Bucket, Air Diffuser, & Tubing
  • 20, 40, & 80 gallon kits available


Our premium organic BioDynamic inputs are the finest on the market. No more worrying about recipes, we've done it all for you!

The Compost Tea in a Box kit contains the following inputs:

Genesis Compound: A genuine BioDynamic barrel compost perfect for creating compost tea. Genesis Compound is a biological inoculant that provides the beneficial microbes that you will grow in your compost tea brew.

It was created on a certified organic and BioDynamic farm that has been in the same family for over 350 years. All of the microbes grew up together and are very good friends. Genesis Compound is extremely concentrated. A tablespoon is enough for a 5 gallon brew and this will inoculate an entire acre of land!

Earth Tonic: A BioDynamically enhanced sea mineral complex that contains literally ALL Earth-bound elements.

Every element on the periodic table as an enzyme potential, called a co-factor. Microbes use enzymes to break down organic matter, just like they do in our bodies to help us digest our food. Without ALL elements in your compost tea brew it's like hiring microbes to build a house and only giving them half the tools.

Not only will your garden be fed all Earth-bound elements, but your microbes will be able to accomplish all the amazing things that they do for living systems. Why not give your garden EVERYTHING!?

Earth Syrup: Containing a unique combination of organic compounds and essential elements directly involved in plant photosynthesis and primary metabolic reactions, Earth Syrup is a carbon-based product that ignites the metabolic activities of both soil and plant.

It contains over 10 diverse organic ingredients that stimulate the growth of beneficial microbes and help plants in all stages of growth, as well as encourage higher yields and the production of flavonoids, essential oils, and other primary compounds that make plants smell and taste better. After all, that's what it's all about!

Kelp+: All liquid kelp products are processed, some with harsh chemical solvents. But not Kelp+. No chemicals or heat are used in this cold-press liquid kelp in order to extract the goodies inside the cell wall of natural kelp.

Kelp+ contains sea minerals and the BioDynamic preparations (BD500-508)that's the +! In addition, Kelp+ is twice the concentration of other liquid kelp products.


Brand Progressive Farms
Weight (lb.) 1
Height (in.) 4
Width (in.) 5
Length (in.) 6
Warranty Yes
Free Shipping No
Nutrient Application Soil & Soilless Mix Nutrient
Nutrient Type Organic Based
Ease of Use Easy

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