Multi-Chamber Tent Kits

Also known as Perpetual Harvest Grow Tent Kits, these Multi-Chamber Tents are a great way to harvest consistently, up to every 8 weeks. With a perpetual harvest system, there is a continuous supply of plants in the vegetative state. Any mishaps in the flowering chamber can be quickly replaced with a new, freshly vegged plant. Once the perpetual cycle is going, growers will be able to harvest in nearly half the time. Twice as many harvests have the potential to yield nearly twice as much product. The Perpetual Harvest ensures a hobbyist grower never runs out of flower. As soon as the flowering plants are harvested, the vegging plants get moved over to the flowering chamber, and the grower starts the next run! Start growing your own in a Multi-Chamber Indoor Grow Kit!

Our Multi-Chamber Grow Tent Kits Include:

  • Grow Tent - High Rise Multi-Chamber Tents are self-contained with multiple chambers for Vegging as well as Flowering.
  • Grow Light - Includes Light of Choice (LED, CMH, Fluorescent T5, HPS/MH) Light Timer, Light Hangers
  • Ventilation System - Inline Exhaust Fan, Carbon Filter, Fan Controller, Circulation Fan, Ducting, and Clamps
  • Growing Method - Choose between growing in Soil with Pots and Saucers or Hydroponically in a Root Spa or Current Culture Deep Water Culture System
  • Accessories - All Tent Kits include Trimming Scissors, Thermometer-Hygrometer, and Ice Water/Dry Ice Extraction Bags for post-harvest extraction.
    • Want To Create a Custom Multi-Chamber Grow Kit?

      We are here to help! If you are looking for specific products or want to create an entire DIY set up, our product specialists are here to help. Give us a call at 888-815-9763 and we will be sure to find the grow kit that is right for you! If you want to learn more about grow tent growing, be sure to check out this section of our learning center!


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