MH & HPS Grow Tent Kits

HPS & MH Grow Tent Kits are the tried-and-true lighting choice of many experienced and new growers alike due to the ease-of-use and proven results. Our HID grow tent packages include both a metal halide (MH) bulb for the vegetative stage and a high pressure sodium (HPS) bulb for the flowering stage to provide your plants with the best spectrum for all stages of growth for your plants. These indoor grow rooms are great for containing any mess created during the growing cycle and are designed to effortlessly manage your environment with the included odor control and ventilation kit. Our grow tent kits give you all the essential components for a successful harvest and growing support through your growing cycle.

What Size HPS & MH Grow Tent Kit You Need?

Picking the size of your grow tent kit comes down to the amount of space you have and how many plants you want to grow. We suggest that newer growers looking to grow for personal use should consider a 2’ x 4’, 3’ x 3’, 4’ x 4’ or 5’ x 5’ HPS Grow Tent Kit. These sizes will grow anywhere from 4-9 plants, but gives you the flexibility to grow fewer larger plants or a larger number smaller plants.

Should I Choose a Soil or Hydroponic HPS Grow Tent Kit?

Both options will grow a great plant, but we recommend beginners choose a soil grow tent kit due to the simplicity. Hydroponic grow tent kits will require a bit more time and focus at first, but will result in more explosive growth and a better quality end product. Starting with the inexpensive soil grow tent package will allow you to easily upgrade to a hydroponic system after you have dialed in the growing process and will have taught you the basics of growing, setting you up for success on your future grows.

Our HPS Grow Tent Packages Include:

  • Grow Tent - Depending on the size of tent kit you go with, you can grow anywhere from 2-64 plants. Choose between our house brand High Rise Grow Tents or top-of-the-line Gorilla Grow Tents.
  • Grow Light - Air Cooled HPS/MH Grow Light System (Bulb, Ballast, Reflector, Light Timer, Light Hangers)
  • Ventilation System - Inline Exhaust Fan, Carbon Filter, Fan Controller, Circulation Fan, Ducting, and Clamps.
  • Growing Method - Choose between growing in Soil with Pots and Saucers or Hydroponically in a Root Spa or Current Culture Deep Water Culture System
  • Accessories - All Tent Kits include Trimming Scissors, Thermometer-Hygrometer, and Ice Water/Dry Ice Extraction Bags for post-harvest extraction.

Want To Create a Custom HPS Grow Kit? We are here to help! If you are looking for specific products or want to create an entire DIY set up, our product specialists are here to help. Give us a call at 888-815-9763 and we will be sure to find the grow kit that is right for you, and be sure to visit our learning center to learn more about grow tent growing!


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