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High Rise 2' x 3' Multi-Chamber Sun System 150W HID Perpetual Harvest Soil Grow Tent Kit

High Rise 2' x 3' Multi-Chamber Sun System 150W HID Perpetual Harvest Soil Grow Tent Kit


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Included Components:

  • Grow Tent:

    House your entire garden and all of its components in an easy-to-assemble, highly reflective, multi-chamber, 2' x 3' grow tent. Control the mess and maintain a low profile without the need to build a grow room from scratch.

  • Grow Light:

    The included HPS & Fluorescent grow lights will make sure your plants get the light coverage they need from seed to flower simultaneously. We've also included a timer and light hangers to complete your setup.

  • Ventilation:

    All of the ventilation you will need is provided. The included inline fan, carbon filter, and ducting will remove odors from your grow space, promote air flow, and bring in fresh air for your plants.

  • Soil Containers:

    Growing in soil is a great option for new and experienced growers alike. Soil kits include 3-gallon pots, saucers, and some useful tools to aid you during your grow, and for when you are ready to harvest.

This indoor grow room is ready for plants!

Suggested Plant Count

1-2 plants in 3 gallon pots.

Electricity Cost

$13.00 per month on average (click to learn more)

Grow Tent Size

36" x 24" x 53"

Highly Portable

Pack up your grow with ease and move to a new location if necessary.

Quality Parts

Only the highest quality components are included in our packages giving you harvest after harvest, year after year. Each component was selected to work together for optimal performance, increasing efficiency and yield.

Expert Support

Grower to grower support from seed to harvest. Give us a call or shoot us an email if you need help.


This perpetual harvest grow tent kit contains all of the components needed to start your indoor garden. Pair this kit with your favorite plants, grow media, and nutrients for great results!

The High Rise 2' x 3' Multi-Chamber Sun System 150W HID Perpetual Harvest Soil Grow Tent Kit is designed for simple, but effective multi-stage full cycle growing all in the same tent! With the included Sun System HPS 150W Fixture with Ultra Sun Lamp for the main chamber and Sun Blaze fluorescents powering the veg chambers you are sure to have a high-quality finished end product.

This kit has 3 separate areas, each for their own purpose. The first two chambers will house your seedling tray or cloning machine and plants during their vegetative stage and will use a Sun Blaze T5 HO 21 - 2 ft, 1 Bulb Fixture with 6500K Bulb to start your plants. Once your plants get too large for the second chamber you will move them into the larger chamber for more vegetative growth or to begin the flowering stage. The larger flower chamber houses a Sun System HPS 150W Fixture that will finish up the cycle. This will allow you to always have a place for plants in various stages of growth, ready to move into the next chamber. This cycle is called a perpetual harvest and is the quickest way to harvest continuously. In addition to equipping you with the right tools for the job, all of our grow tent kits are backed by Lifetime Customer Support from experienced growers that can provide guidance and maximize success for your indoor garden.

Why Choose a Perpetual Harvest Tent Package

  • Reduced Time Between Harvests - Growing in a perpetual harvest environment allows for faster harvest turnover. The multi-chamber tent separates the vegetative area from the flowering area, dividing the plant growth time nearly in half. Once the perpetual cycle is running, growers can see harvest times in as little as 8 weeks apart when growing in a single multi-chamber tent.
  • Disaster Recovery/Flexibility - Even the most experienced growers will have the occasional mishaps. With a perpetual harvest system, there is a continuous supply of plants in the vegetative state. Any mishaps in the flowering chamber can be quickly replaced with a new, freshly vegged plant.
  • Never Run Out of Product - Once the perpetual cycle is going, growers will be able to harvest in nearly half the time. Twice as many harvests has the potential to yield nearly twice as much product.

Included Products

  • High Rise 2' x 3' x 4.5' Multi-Chamber Grow Tent
  • Sun System HPS 150W Fixture with Ultra Sun Lamp
  • (2x) SunBlaster T5 HO 21 - 2 ft, 1 Bulb Fixture with 6400K Bulb
  • (3x) 1/8" Heavy Duty Grow Light Hangers (2 Per Pack)
  • 4" Inline Exhuast Fan
  • 4" Carbon Exhaust Air Filter
  • Axial Inline Fan 4" Intake/Exhaust
  • 6" Clip-On Air Circulation Fan
  • 4" Flexible Air Ducting with Clamps, 25 ft
  • Variable Fan Speed Controller
  • Indoor/Outdoor Thermo-Hygrometer
  • Two Outlet Digital Light Timer
  • Straight Trimming Shears, 3 inch
  • (2x) Premium Nursery Pots - 3 Gallon
  • (2x) Plastic Saucer - 10.50 in
  • (2x) Premium Nursery Pots - 1 Gallon
  • (2x) Plastic Saucer - 6 in

Product Details:

Grow Tent

High-Rise 2' x 3' Multi-Chamber Grow Tent - Learn more
The all-new 2' x 3' (36" x 24" x 53") Multi-Chamber Grow Tent is perfect for perpetual harvest growing! This tent features two stations with three separate growing areas to manage plants in different stages of development while remaining compact for small spaces or areas with little height.

Propagation / Vegetating Chambers - 13" Wide x 24" Deep x 53" Tall
Use the vegetating chambers to start your plants from seeds, clones, or cuttings. This chamber can be partitioned to create a third chamber for additional vegetative growth before transplanting into the main chamber and larger pots.

  • (2x) SunBlaster T5 HO 21 - 2 ft, 1 Bulb Fixture with 6400K Bulb
  • (2x) Premium Nursery Pots - 1 Gallon
  • (2x) Plastic Saucer - 6 in

Flowering Chamber - 23" Wide x 24" Deep x 53" Tall
Move your plants into the flowering chamber after they have grown sufficiently in the vegetating chamber. Here they will have the space and lighting requirements needed to finish their life cycle and produce yields.

  • Sun System HPS 150W Fixture with Ultra Sun Lamp
  • (2x) Premium Nursery Pots - 3 Gallon
  • (2x) Plastic Saucer - 10.50 in

Grow Light

Sun System HPS 150W Fixture with Ultra Sun Lamp - Learn more
This compact easy to use light fixture will work great for any gardener! The high intensity bulb delivers an amazing 16,000 lumens and provides the output and ideal color spectrum required for successful indoor gardening. Grow herbs, flowers or fresh vegetables all year, not just in summer.

(2x) SunBlaster T5 HO 21 - 2 ft, 1 Bulb - 6400K (Clone/Propagation + Veg Chamber)

Grow bigger healthier plants faster with SunBlaster's T5 high output fluorescent horticultural grow fixtures. Whether in a grow tent or an indoor garden, T5HO bulbs provide the ideal 6400K full spectrum for plant growth. The SunBlaster T5HO lamp is one cool cucumber, it throws minimal heat, does not require expensive ventilation systems and can be placed 1"-2" above the plant canopy which maximizes photo synthetic response. The energy saving benefits are huge, up to 50%, compared to standard fluorescent. Each T5HO lamp is self ballasted, does not flicker, is noiseless and weighs only 100 grams. The fixtures are easy to install and their Plug & Play technology makes for no wiring requirements. Best of all you can link up to 8 fixtures together, using one single outlet or place them singly where they are most needed.Learn about this T5 light here.

Temperature & Odor Control

Carbon Filter Complete Ventilation and Odor Control Kits are the perfect solution to poor ventilation, excess heat and unwanted odor! The 4" Ventilation and Odor Control Kit is ideal for removing unwanted odor and excess heat from a 4' x 4' or smaller grow tent, grow cabinet or grow room. This package can be used as a ventilation system for air cooled reflectors or as a stand alone system for extra cooling in high heat or problem areas. This kit includes an inline fan, carbon filter, speed controller and ducting to exhaust the heat created from the lighting kit. For the smaller veg chamber we include a duct fan to extract the heat put off by the CFL.

Customer Support & Consultation

When you purchase a grow tent package from you don't only get great products, you get lifetime customer support from experienced growers themselves. Each one of our customers gardens matters to us, that's why we include grow tent assembly instructions, complete package setup instructions and walk through guides with recommendations (found in the setup guide tab above) for each specific package for the best possible growing experience.

Tech Specs


BrandHigh Rise
Weight (lb.)68.86
Length (in.)24
Width (in.)36
Height (in.)53
Grow Tent Size2ft x 3ft
Lighting TypeSingle Ended
Growing MethodSoil
Exact Dimensions36" x 24" x 53"
Est. Electricity Cost /mo$6.48
Interior MaterialDiamond Textured Mylar
Exterior Material600D Thread Count Canvas
Ducting Ports(3) 7" Ducting Ports
Electrical Ports(4) 3" Electrical Cord Ports
Doors(1) Large Front Door & (1) Large Side Door
Vents(3) 13.5" x 5.5" Mesh Pre-Filter Air Vents
Bulb(s) Included?Yes
Glass IncludedNo
Exact Watts150W
UL ListedNo

High Rise 2' x 3' Multi-Chamber Sun System 150W HID Perpetual Harvest Soil Grow Tent Kit Videos


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