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Clone & Seedling Kits

Clone & Seedling Kits for Indoor & Outdoor Growing

There are several reasons why gardeners set up a growing system dedicated to propagating seedlings and clones. Let’s look at few:

Reason number one: Seedlings and clones are very delicate, small, and don’t have a strong root system yet, and this means they can easily be killed. Grow rooms set up for the vegetative and flowering stages are fine to use for propagation, but they require modifying, and even then you’ll have to more careful because they is more room for error. Grow media for adult plants are too large, the lights for are too intense, you get the picture.

Reason number two: The success rate of cuttings taking root and seeds germinating varies on a lot of factors. Many professional gardeners will germinate more seeds and take more cuttings than they ultimately need because they expect some to not make it. And if by chance all the plants do end up making it, you will have the opportunity to pull runts that just aren’t cutting it, giving you the ability to grow the strongest plants. Our kits are designed to create the best environment for propagation, insuring your seeds germinate and your cuttings take root.  

Reason number three: Cuttings taken from a mother plant in flowering, cannot share the same grow room as they have different needs such as light, humidity, etc.  

Take the Work Out of Gardening

So it’s clear why it’s a good idea to have a dedicated propagation setup, so the next question is do you put it all together yourself or just buy a kit. So here is why an all-in-one kit is a great idea.

  • When you’re first getting started, you’re focusing the majority of your attention on building a system that is best suited for the vegetative and flowering stage. Which is good because that’s where the plant is spending the majority of its life. Learning how to put together a great propagation system while simultaneously learning how to create the main veg/flowering system, may leave you overwhelmed and feeling like you could have better spent your time solely on the latter system.
  • Next, while there are a lot of great and complex ways you can grow adult plants, with propagating that’s not really the case. A successful propagation system should be simple, and our kits have everything you need for getting your garden off to a perfect start.

Seedling Kits Supplies

Humidity Dome – A high humidity is needed for clones and germinating seeds. It’s easy to drown seeds, seedlings, and cuttings and with a very high humidity, you won’t have to worry about watering as much. And by the same token, you’ll have to worry less about under watering.

Many gardeners aim for humidity levels that are at least 80%. Unless you’re living in a very wet climate, that’s next to impossible to do unless you’re working within a small and confined space/environment. Humidity domes give you that confined space and will lock in humidity.  

Grow Media – Your grow medium needs to be simple. You just want an inert medium that’s good at staving off mold, fungus, and other dangerous pathogens. Our kits give you just that and are designed for easily moving the individual seedlings in and out of the system.  

Heating Pad – Most vegetables will germinate at “room temperature”, but peppers, eggplants, and tomatoes are just a few vegetables that germinate better in warmer soil. Typically, heating pads will raise soil temperature 10 to 20 degrees over ambient temperatures, and once the seeds have sprouted it’s recommended to remove the pads to not scorch the roots.  

Clonex – Don’t be fooled by the name, Clonex is great at giving seedlings a formulated boost of nutrients that will get them off to a strong start promoting root development and minimizing transplant shock.   

Cloning Kits & Cloning Supplies

Cloning Tent – Young plants need a home to call their own. The tents in these kits will provide the perfect amount of room you’ll need for clones, seedlings, and plants in the vegetative stage. Their size and design make them perfect for controlling temperature, humidity, and other environmental factors.  

Grow Media – Aeroponics is the up-and-coming hydroponic system that gardeners are loving as an innovative way to grow plants. They work by spraying the roots with water at regular intervals. Aeroponic is a great way to clone plants and the mini-systems that come with our kits is a great introduction to aeroponic technology. How cool is it to grow plants that are essentially suspended in air.

Ventilation – Since the lights in our cloner systems will be inside the tent, unlike our seedlings kits, we provide you with a small duct fan that is perfect for extracting excess heat.

Cloning solutions – Cloning solutions will make sure your clones are happy and healthy with a strong rooting systems that will soon rival their mother’s. As well, they will protect the cuttings from pathogens and contaminants.

Propagation Grow Lights

Wait, you didn’t think we forgot about the lights for this kits, right?  All of our kits come with a T5 grow light and here’s why.

  • Intensity – HID and LED grow lights are incredible for adult plants with high lighting demands, but there are a few issues that make them a poor candidate for seedlings and clones. Considering how much larger full size plants are compared to their younger selves, it’s no surprise that they can’t handle anywhere near the same amount of light intensity. HIDs and LEDs are a fast way to light burn and kill your plants, and bring along other issues like temperature.
  • Temperature – HIDs commonly produce too much heat for seedlings, while LEDs don’t produce enough. LEDs do produce some heat, but because of light intensity, they have to be hung very high above the young plants to not cause light stress, to the point that they generate no real heat for seeds, seedlings, and cuttings.
  • Light spectrum – LEDs and to a lesser extent HIDs, are often designed for the flowering stage and will produce too much yellow and red light for seedlings. Seedlings and clones grow best with light in the blue spectral range. Blue light will promote the development of leaves while keeping the plants short.

Enter the T5 fluorescent which emits a brilliant blue light, generates just enough heat, and has the perfect intensity that will get your seedlings and clones off to a fantastic start without burning them. The T5 grow lights that come with our seedling kits are designed to stand over them, while the T5 fixtures that come with our cloner kits easily hang inside the tents.

Clone and Seedling Kits Give Your Plants the Right Start

The one point that we cannot drive home enough is that the quality of your entire grow depends on the start in life that only you can provide.  Clones and seedlings are absolutely the most important aspect of the growing process.

The reality is that weak clones and seedlings are going to be at a disadvantage throughout the entire grow cycle.

Given this, whatever can be done to get clones and seedlings off to the best start possible should be priority number one.  Cloner and seedling kits play hug role in achieving this without a lot of guesswork or stress.

Your clones and seedlings are your future bottom line and will greatly reward any investment you make.

Cloner and seedling kits provide everything you need to produce perfect plant stock without flaw.   Investing wisely in developing the best plant material possible will always pay off in grow quality and yield.

The mini-kit provides everything you need to get clones and seedlings off to a great start.

  • Grow dome system
  • Heating mat
  • Grow cubes and tray
  • T-5 grow light
  • Root hormone

This complete system involves no guesswork by producing perfect plants with very little extra effort.   The entire system uses equipment and materials that are proven leaders in healthy seedling and clone development.

The complete cloner and seedling kit is great for the newcomer who may not be as experienced with cloning and seedling growth.  

A double kit provides twice the capacity at even a better value and the nice part is that either kit can be used multiple times by simply replacing the grow cubes.

Cloning tent kits are perfect for the large commercial grower by providing the perfect grow environment.

A large commercial grower needs equipment that will provide years of service efficiently and cost effectively.   The cloning tent grow packages will do all of this while consolidating the cloning process in one location.

The cloning tent kits are a completely self-contained cloning environment that save grow room space because they can be used anywhere.  They don’t even need to necessarily be included in the grow room area.

When you’re involved in a lot of cloning on a regular cycle cloning tents are a great idea all the way around.  They provide the perfect environment while protecting the valuable from fungal or bacterial pathogens throughout the entire root development process.

They are free standing completely insulated and self-supporting cloning stations that completely produce the ideal growing microecosystem.  

  • Free standing, insulated cloning tent
  • T-5 florescent grow light (ideal for cloning)
  • Clone tray rack
  • Vent fan and ducting
  • Cloning gel

The nice part is that the cloning tent grow system tents come in a number of sizes all the way up to a 128-clone unit.  A one-time investment provides a completely self-contained cloning station that is going to last for many, many years.

Let’s wrap this up with a quick overview of what a cloning grow tent kit can do specifically for you.

  • Consolidates and organizes cloning activities
  • Durable and reusable for many years
  • Provides the perfect microecosystem for clones
  • Totally self-contained

If you’re serious about a profitable grow, then its time to get serious about your cloning process.


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