Xtreme Gardening CalCarb Foliar Booster, 3 oz

Xtreme Gardening CalCarb Foliar Booster, 3 oz

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Xtreme Gardening Product Documents

Application Chart

CalCarb MSDS

CalCarb foliar booster works great in both indoor and outdoor environments where the atmosphere cannot be contained.

Calcium is critical to the health of your plant, contributing to the strength of cell membranes and regulation of nutrient use. Calcium is known to play a major role in the quality of many crops, including peppers, tomatoes, and watermelon. It is also able to reduce the effects of heat stress in plants. CalCarb Calcium Carbonate Foliar Spray increases rate of photosynthesis and cell wall structure.

  • Natural Source of Calcium
  • Strengthens Cell Walls
  • Easy Spray-On Application
  • Great for Vegetables, Fruits, Herbs & Flowers
    Directions & Applications
  • Established Plants - Foliar Spray - Add 1 tsp per quart (liter) of water [1 tbs per gal] into sprayer. Mix well. Spray foliage focusing on underside of plant leaves. Repeat every 5-7 days for best results.
  • Fruiting & Flowering Plants - Foliar Spray - Add 2 tsp per quart (liter) of water. Mix well and add to sprayer. Spray focused "pop-shots" on the underside of outermost leaves. Calcarb need only be applied to 4-5 leaves. No need to saturate entirety of foliage. Avoid fruits and flowering bodies.
  • Notes: Calcarb leaves a beneficial white residue of natural calcium. It may be rinsed off after 36 hrs, but left on will achieve best results. Calcarb is best applied alone, wait 36 hrs before applying other foliar nutrients. Clean sprayer after every use. Foliar Booster, No tanks or burners required. For Indoor & Outdoor Use.

Performance products for organic and natural gardening! At Xtreme Gardening, we take a different approach to gardening. We combine cutting-edge technology with the results of thousands of years of evolutionary design, allowing us to provide the gardener with the natural biology needed for exceptional natural & organic plant growth. Looking to maximize yield through organic inputs, Xtreme Gardening embraced biomimicry (A new science that studies nature's models and then uses these designs and processes to solve human problems). With Xtreme Gardening products, gardeners are unlocking their plants true potential and reaching new levels of production not achieved through conventional inputs. These achievements include seven World records for fruits and vegetable yield, all grown utilizing Xtreme Gardening's unparalleled products.

Tech Specs


BrandXtreme Gardening
Weight (lb.)0.19
Height (in.)5
Width (in.)2
Length (in.)2.5
Shipping RestrictionsDE
Lead TimeDue to social distancing requirements, this item ships in 2 weeks
Nutrient ApplicationHydroponic and Soil Nutrient
Nutrient TypeOrganic Based
OMRI CertifiedNo
Nutrient Material TypePowder

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