VZ-TEC Easy Bucker VZ1000 Dry Harvest Machine

VZ-TEC Easy Bucker VZ1000 Dry Harvest Machine

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$26,500.00 - $36,500.00

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VZ1000 User's Guide

The Fastest Dry-Bucking Machine On The Market

Capable of processing over 1000 lb/hour of industrial hemp, creating processor-ready product. The powder-coated steel constructed base carries 2 single-horsepower Baldor motors on a variable speed optidrive. With adjustable height up to 80 inches and a locking tilt up to 90 degrees, the Easy Bucker can adapt to different-sized operations with ease.

The Easy Bucker comes with 8 removable food-grade brushes, approved by the FDA. The patented brush technology is unlike any other brush or stripping technology on the market. Knowing that many other brush designs can clog up overtime or ware out quickly, VZ-TEC has developed a true and tested design for bud removal. The fingers create a slapping motion instead of grinding the plant down and gumming up the brush so you can process more over longer period of time.

Adjusted through the variable frequency drive, the brushes are capable of producing a product at the perfect consistency for various extraction methods. Though the Easy Bucker can process industrial hemp at a moisture content of 16%, for best results hemp should be near 12% for processing.

Standard VZT1000 Features:

Pivoting System - Designed for 1-4 operator use, the smooth pivoting systems allows the entire machine to pivot up to 90 degrees in 4 positions. The Easy Bucker's versatility and adaptability is unmatched in the industry.

Variable Speed - The Easy Bucker is equipped with an OptiDrive VFD that allows the operator to control the shafts' rotation speed. Ranging from 300-1800 RPM, the variable speeds give the user control over the speed of production, as well as the quality as moisture content is increased.

Quick-Change Shaft & Brush System - Specially designed for hemp processing, the patented brushes are designed for quick-change replacements, ensuring minimal downtime in production. The durable, polyurethane-fingered brushes are approved by the FDA as Food Grade


  • Over 1000 lb/hour
  • Locking Pivot for small-batch processing up to 90 degrees
  • Vertical height adjustments at 1 inch intervals
  • Conveyor-Ready Hopper
  • Variable Speed Optidrive with readout
  • 4-inch Dust Collection Port
  • Bucks industrial hemp at 12% moisture and under
  • FDA-Approved, Food-Grade Removable Brushes
  • V-Locking channel secures brushes
  • 2 E-Stops
  • Mild-grade Powder-Coated steel construction


  • Motor: 2, 1 HP Baldor Motors
  • RPM: 300-1800
  • Voltage: 115V AC
  • Amps: 15
  • Height: 58" - 80"
  • Dust port: 4"
  • Brushes: FDA-Approved, Food grade Poly Brushes
  • Machine Weight: 450 lbs
  • Foot Print: 96" x 44"
  • Shipping Dimensions: 99" x 44" x 31"
  • Shipping Weight: 500 lbs
  • Warranty: 1 Year on parts

Boost Your Productivity!

No matter how you operate, the plant matter needs to go somewhere after it gets bucked. That is why VZ-TEC offers a great Deluxe Package, complete with a working platform and a 12 ft. x 2 ft. conveyor. The bucked plant matter falls directly onto the conveyor where it is moved up towards it's next vessel at upwards of 90 feet per minute! Maximize your final output with The Easy Bucker Deluxe Package.

Deluxe VZ-TEC VZT1000 GIF

Deluxe Package Includes:

  • VZ1000 Easy Bucker
  • Working Platform
  • 12 ft Conveyor
    • Size: 12' Long x 24" Wide
    • Speed: 10-90 FPM
    • Controls: VFD
    • Motor: AC 1/3 HP
    • Belt: NEMA 1 115/230/1/60
    • Cord: 10' Power Cord

The Easy Bucker Technical Overview:

VZT1000 Diagram

  • Variable Frequency Drive: Allows for adjusting the RPMs of the machine to achieve the quickest bucking of material in conjunction with the humidity of the plant and minimal loss of material.
  • Emergency Stop Buttons: Situated to both sides of the machine in case of an emergency. NOTE: these buttons are to be used in case of an emergency. Use the VFD (variable frequency drive) for powering on and off.
  • Motor Housing: Each motor housing contains bearings that are to be maintained by greasing the bearings at regular intervals. Also regular inspection of the spiders inside of the LoveJoy couplers is suggested.
  • Vacuum Recovery Port: As an addition to the VFD VZ Tec's vacuum recovery system may be purchased and fitted to you Easy Bucker.
  • Mounting Plates: Alongside the center bolts on the mounting plate are a number of angles that allow for a pitch to be secured so that a number of options are available to situate the production line to the end users needs.
  • Leg Assembly: The legs of the Easy Bucker have an ordination that needs to be adhered to. Read on to #3 OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS for proper assembly.


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VZ-TEC Easy Bucker VZ1000 Dry Harvest Machine Reviews

All my machines are VZ TEC now
I've saved more labor costs with this machine than anything else. Changed the whole harvesting game for us.

It is a quality build as well, it can take the hard work.

Great product!
In my opinion there is no other Bucking Machine that even comes close to the dependability and output of this unit! Great value for the price!

Favorite post harvest machine on the market
By far, the best post harvest equipment I’ve used. Well built (extremely sturdy) and efficient. Since scaling up, it has saved us tons of time and allowed us to cut down on labor cost.

Highly recommend this machine to anyone looking to maximize time and efficiency! It does a great job fully stripping the plant.

Best Bucker I've ever Used
Used this for the first time last year, apparently they are pretty new. Looks wel engineered, good materials.
But what really matters is that it works and it works fast. I've never seen 20 acres of hemp get bucked so quickly and easily.

By far the best bucker I've used, and we've gone through a few

Saved labor!
We cut days of labor with this system. Highly recommend.

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