B4 Bucker

Bucking flowers on a large scale sucks, but thanks to Twister Trimmers it doesn’t have to. The Twister B4 ‘Bucker’ raises the bar on single piece flow by adding advanced, patent-pending bucking technology to your process flow, replacing the work that crews of 10-15 used to do by hand.

Why use the Twister B4 bucking machine?

The Twister B4 Bucking Machine is designed to deliver non-stop performance under the most demanding conditions known to commercial facilities. An industry first, the B4 ‘Bucker’ uses an “Active Gearing” system that allows the B4 to buck stems up to ¾” in diameter at speed rates of 150+ lbs/hr, wet or dry. No Jams!

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It should come as no surprise that you will find the B4 on this list. Twister Trimmers never disappoint.

Replacement cartridges for the B4 Bucking Machine

When it is time to switch strains, you should use a different B4 Bucking Machine Cartridge. This will prevent cross contamination, and maintain quality assurance standards.

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