Toms Tumbler Python DeLeafer

Toms Tumbler Python DeLeafer


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Toms Tumbler Brand Product

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Tom's Python DeLeafer is a perfect addition to your Python or even for your preparation for hand-trimming.

The innovative design removes water leaves and stems in preparation for trimming. You can process larger volumes faster with Tom's Python DeLeafer without loosing precious product or time.

Continuous feed, gentle, bladeless high volume (up to 1,200 lbs./hr.)

The Python Deleafer is the perfect feeder for the Python Tumble Trimmer. After removing water leaves and stems, the Python DeLeafer delivers the buds into the Python gravity feeder for bladeless trimming. In 5 minutes or less, your buds have been deleafed and trimmed, and your trim is delivered to a separate container for further processing in Tom's Biomass Refiner.

Tom's Pyhon Deleafer is sold separately or at a discount with the Python Trimmer. Add on the Biomass Refiner and/or the Python Stainless Steel Conveyor for a complete Python Processing System.

Can make different adjustemnts:

  • Change the rate of airflow
  • Can use one or two hose attachments

2 HP Vacuum Included

Tom's Python series equipment is all stainless steel, with food-grade plastic augers and belts. They are GMP and FDA compliant.

Automate you entire harvest with the Python Harvesting Machines

Add the DeLeafer to your Python Trimmer and Conveyor and Biommass Refiner for a complete processing system. Discounts are available when purchasing a Python trimmer with Python accessories

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BrandToms Tumbler
Weight (lb.)550
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Lead TimeThis product ships in 2 Weeks
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