Titan Controls Grow Room CO2 Enrichment Kit (20 lb Tank, Controller, Regulator, Rain Tubing)

Titan Controls Grow Room CO2 Enrichment Kit (20 lb Tank, Controller, Regulator, Rain Tubing)


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Increase yields up to 20-30% with this CO2 Tank & Regulator Kit!

This complete CO2 grow room enrichment kit will allow your indoor garden to reach its full potential. Easy to use and highly effective, this kit comes with all you need to keep the CO2 in your indoor garden at the ideal level for maximum growth and a heavier yield. This kit includes a regulator and controller that will accurately release the flow of CO2 in your grow room, tent or greenhouse to specific settings, resulting in a no-waste, cost-effective solution to supercharge your plants.

Included Products:
Benefits of Growing with CO2:
  • Increased plant growth and vigor
  • Decreases the effect of environmental stresses
  • Allows plants to tolerate higher temperatures by a few degrees
  • Increases water and nutrient efficiency

Product Details:

Co2 Tank

Cylinders are made from exclusive aluminum alloy specially optimized by metallurgists to improve its durability, fracture toughness and resistance to tearing and cracking. Minimum burst pressure tested to 2.5 times service pressure without failure. CO2 tanks are shipped empty and do not contain CO2.

  • CO2 tanks are shipped empty and do not contain CO2.

Co2 Controller

The Atlas 7 - CO2 PPM Monitor/Controller takes the guesswork out of maintaining the proper CO2 levels in your garden. It can be adjusted to provide 1000 PPM, 1250 PPM or 1500 PPM of CO2 with just a push of a button. Integrated photocell allows the Atlas 7 to only enrich with CO2 in daylight periods when your plants use it.

  • Comes factory calibrated for immediate use
  • ETL listed for use in commercial applications
  • Plastic enclosure resists dust and moisture
  • 5 Amps/ 120 Volts/ 60 Hz.
  • 2 year warranty

CO2 Regulator

Compatible with Titan Controls® CO2 Controllers or other 120 Volt controllers and timers. Precision accuracy flow meter - 0.5 to 15 SCF/hour. Features heavy-duty solenoid valve. High quality oil-less pressure gauge. Includes two plastic tank washers and 12 ft of CO2 dispensing line. Brass construction for long-lasting dependability and durability. 1 Amp/120 Volts/60Hz.3 Year Warranty.

Tech Specs


BrandTitan Controls
Weight (lb.)29.3
Prop 65No
UL ListedNo
CO2 EnrichmentCO2 Tanks & Regulators

Titan Controls Grow Room CO2 Enrichment Kit (20 lb Tank, Controller, Regulator, Rain Tubing) Videos

Product Q&A

Titan Controls Grow Room CO2 Enrichment Kit (20 lb Tank, Controller, Regulator, Rain Tubing) Questions & Answers

My CO2 monitor/controller is reading really high all the time. What is wrong with it?

The main issue is the 2000 ppm of CO2 we exhale when we're breathing. If you're in your room and you see that the ppm is high, leave the area for an hour or so and turn off your CO2 source, then peek your head in and check the reading. It should be reading under 1000 ppm, depending on how well your room is sealed. After observing your CO2 Monitor/Controller for awhile, you'll start to see what your normal ppm level is in your room. The normal outdoor ppm is 400 ppm to 600 ppm based on where you live (city vs. rural).

Should I run my CO2 at night?

No, you should not. Plants photosynthesize CO2 only during the daylight hours. At night, the plants expire CO2 and have no use for CO2. Save yourself some money and only dose CO2 during daylight hours when it does the most good for the plants.

Why do gardeners enrich their growing space with CO2?

CO2 is proven to speed up a plants growth rate, improve overall health and increase a plants yield. There are also many other benefits to plants, among them greater resistance to temperature extremes and other forms of stress, better growth at low light intensities, improved root/top ratios and less injury from air pollutants.

What methods can I use to enrich CO2 in my indoor garden or greenhouse?

The two most common methods are using a CO2 generator/burner or bottled CO2. The most common generator/burner uses LP (liquid propane) gas from a tank or a NG (natural gas) conversion kit that allows you to hook up your generator/burner to the natural gas line in your house. The other option is to purchase bottled CO2 from a local supplier in your area and control its release into your garden area using a Titan Controls CO2 controller (Atlas 1) or short cycle repeat cycle timer with photocell. It should be noted that there is no advantage to increasing CO2 levels beyond 2000 PPM for most greenhouse plants. The optimum level of CO2 for plant growth is generally accepted at 1200 - 1600 PPM.


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