Sun System

Owned by the parent company Sunlight Supply, Sun System grow lights have become the #1 brand of grow lights for indoor and greenhouse gardening.

Sun System grow lights

Sun System Grow Lights

Sun System produces MH and HPS grow lights, ceramic or LEC grow lights, and fluorescent grow lights in wattages from 150 to 1,100 watts. Sun System also manufacturers ballasts and reflectors to accompany these grow lights.

Sun System offers 120 volt, 208/20 volt, 277 volt and 480 volt grow lights for hobby to commercial applications. Whether you are cultivating a couple plants or a large commercial greenhouse, you cannot go wrong with Sun System grow lights.

Sun System Grow Tent Kits

Grow lights by Sun System are of such high quality and reliability that we even have outfitted some of our Grow Tent Kits with these lights. You can find all Sun System Grow Tent Kits here!

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