Solis Tek provides an extensive line of grow lights and lighting supplies to help hobby and commercial growers maximize yields, quality, and efficiency. Some of the more popular products Solis Tek offers include:

What sets Solis Tek apart from the competition?

Solis Tek is one of the most innovative grow lighting companies around. Their digital ballasts are the most technologically advanced in the indoor gardening industry, featuring a high frequency and low total harmonic distortion.

Their most prized product is the SolisTek LCD MATRIX 1000 Digital Ballast. This groundbreaking ballast incorporates remote control operation, built in digital timer, LCD screen, ignition control, and a life timer.

Solis Tek ballasts also incorporate SenseSmart technology, which runs self-diagnostic checks to maximize efficiency and make you aware of errors or failures quickly. Solis Boost Overdrive is another feature that sets Solis Tek apart, which increases lamp intensity without compromising bulb life.

Solis Tek is one of the most reputable brands in this industry, boasting a return rate of less than 0.5%. Make the safe, smart choice and purchase Solis Tek lighting today!

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