Scynce LED Raging Kush 2.0 650 Watt LED Grow Light

Scynce LED Raging Kush 2.0 650 Watt LED Grow Light


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The Raging Kush was designed specifically for flowering in vertical farming.

The Raging Kush 2.0 just changed the rules of the game. Never before has a grower had so much control. No matter what crop, style or strain, the kush 2.0 can morph into exactly what you need and deliver every single time! A light is nothing more than a tool of the trade. The best tools are able to be mastered and manipulated by the best growers to enhance their craft.

The kush 2.0 is the choice of craftsmen who need a high powered, spectrum adjustable, waterproof, vertical grow light that delivers even PPFD onto and down into the canopy.

Plug options

  • 110 Volt NEMA 5/15
  • 220 Volt NEMA 6/15
  • 277 Volt NEMA 7/15

Wireless Control

“Theia” (thee-uh) is our proprietary lighting control app. Available on Android and iOS, Theia puts you in control of dimming, spectrum tuning, scheduling and cloud storage for custom recipes.

Spectrum Adjustability

All of our lights come with a preset Veg or Flower spectrum while an advanced R&D mode gives you complete control to simulate sunrise/sunset or bring in more blues or reds as your photo morphological testing dictates.

Light Delivery System

Patented light delivery system utilizes custom optics which puts more light onto and down through the plant’s canopy… where it really counts.


Scynce’s fixtures are built to be water submersible, not just conformal coated. They will withstand power washing, greenhouse leaks and fire suppression events. Our 5 year warranty puts our money where our mouth is!


Our patented optics allow plants to see equal intensity light from all angles (similar to natural light), resulting in a larger growing surface with more density below the canopy. Optically focused light prevents hot or burned spots & minimizes off grid collateral light loss.

Raging Kush Full Spectrum

The Raging Kush delivers the entire spectrum of light

The Raging Kush was designed for close proximity & high PPFD cultivation with zero hot spots. Wireless three channel control of over 4,000 LEDs puts you in the driver’s seat.

From cool white (6500K) to warm white (2700K) to a duel red channel (660nm/730nm), you can dial in the exact spectrum (quality) of light that your plants need. Emerson effect…check!

Raging Kush Cool All Spectrums

Full Spectrum - All Channels

Cool White 6500K

Cool White 6500K

Warm White 2700K

Warm White 2700K

Deep Red 660nm

Deep Red 660nm

Far Red 730nm

Far Red 730nm

100% of the energy goes to your plants

LEDs are designed to emit light in a symmetrical 180° arc. That means the light energy is pushed out in virtually all directions at once, similar to if you were to blow up a balloon. Most LEDs, including all white LEDs, start out as Blue LED’s and then have a layer of phosphor added that converts that blue energy to broad spectrum white.

Scynce utilizes secondary optics that are designed to focus the light energy, similar to how glasses help some of us see better. There is no other technology that can focus light from an LED to guarantee an even intensity across the grow surface, which is why we got them patented.

Optics cost us about 7-10% of the total energy, but it means more energy actually reaches the plants….which is all that really matters after all.

Our patented optics allow plants to see equal intensity light from all angles (similar to natural light), resulting in a larger growing surface with more density below the canopy while preventing hot spots, bleaching or burned leaves.

Raging Kush Optics

Scynce’s secondary optics were specifically designed to spread out the pin point intensity that plague most LEDs and some traditional lights. This means that the brightest point is typically on the widest part of the beam (or on “the angle”) which allows the lights to be mounted closer to the plants without the risk of damage.


4x4 Tent - Raging Kush 2.0/120

Raging Kush Par Map

1057 PPFD (average) @ 6"-9" height

Raging Kush Full Spectrum

Effectively creates vertical volume of grow facility

Equal intensity light

Equal intensity light from all angles (similar to natural lights).

NO hot or burned spots

NO hot or burned spots

100% of the projected light is on the canopy

100% of the projected light is on the canopy

*Coverage area and average PPFD assumes lights are being used in a room with an array/grid of lights or in a tent/room with reflective walls.

Wireless Control

The Theia app was designed with the grower in mind. It’s quick and easy to set up with intuitive buttons that let you quickly find what matters most. Minimalistic, Intuitive and beautifully designed; the Theia app allows you to control exactly how and when light is delivered to your plants.

The Theia app gives you complete flexibility to design your own custom light recipes, save them to the cloud and deploy them as needed. Embrace your inner control freak!

  • Android & iOS based app
  • Group control lights via wireless mesh network.
  • Intensity / Dim to Zero
  • Ramp on Time (sunset/sunrise)
  • Scheduling
  • Full control of spectrum
  • Custom recipes
Theia App
Theia Custom Schedule

Network Control Accessories

Theia Echo
Theia Tempo

The Echo wireless control hub seamlessly links your existing environmental control system with your Scynce LED lights. With the ability to take five 0-10v inputs, the Echo will wirelessly relay the dimming or spectrum control commands to the lights. Simple, fast and no additional infrastructure costs in running wires everywhere. Whether you have a wired connection to a system like the TrolMaster Hydro X or need a custom API to integrate with systems like Argus, we’ve got you covered.

*Outputs can be custom programmed to your specific needs.

The Tempo wireless time sync is there to support you when there is an unforeseen power outage. With a built-in battery back up, your light recipes will be right on schedule when the power comes back on.

*The Theia Tempo is not needed if you power cycle your lights with a switch or a timer.

Specifications for the Scynce LED Raging Kush 2.0

  • Power: 650 Watts - White: 475/Red: 175
  • Input Voltage: 120 - 277 Volts
  • Amps: 120v-5.4 / 240v-2.7 / 277v-2.3
  • Power Factor >0.95
  • Dimensiosn: 43.25” x 40.5” x 5.25”
  • Weight: 36 lbs
  • Waterproof Sealing: IP66 Rating (entire light fixture)
  • Certifications/Testing: UL, CSA, CE, FCC, RoHS
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Tunability: 4 color channels with *NEW* full power spectrum tuning
  • Spectrum: white (2700k and 6500k) and red (660 and 730nm)
  • Secondary Optics: Conic 120 degrees
  • Dimming: Wired & wireless control of spectrum, intensity and scheduling
  • FLUX (PPF) / Efficacy: 1,631 μmol/s / 2.51 μmol/j
  • PPFD: up to 1,057 µmol/m2/s over a 4’x4’ (40 watts/sf)
  • Max Coverage Area: Flower = 4.5’x4.5’ Mother = 5’x5’

Scynce LED Raging Kush 2.0 650 Watt LED Grow Light Videos

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