Rosin Industries

Rosin Industries is leading in the charge in providing products to extract clean, solventless, organic concentrates. If you are looking to extract rosin or dry sift from your plants, you cannot go wrong with an extraction product from these guys.

Why Shop Rosin Industries?

The professionals at Rosin Industries have years of experience analyzing the technologies of Rosin worldwide and a variety of pressing techniques. Their passionate experts have developed the first and only exclusive, five star, user-friendly, cost-efficient rosin presses that are perfect for any work space. From Southern California, their unique creation has now become available all throughout the United States.

They pride themselves in providing the most efficient and reliable source for all of your plant extraction needs. Their innovating team is constantly developing new ways to bring our customers only the finest, first-class and cost efficient rosin extraction methods possible.

Rosin Industries Extraction Equipment and Supplies

Rosin Industries specializes in rosin extraction methods, and supply hobby and commercial cultivators with high-quality rosin presses. They have also expanded into dry sift extraction, and are taking the industry by storm.

Rosin Industries Rosin Presses

The Rosin Industries X5 Electric 2.4 Ton Heat Press is one of the best rosin presses in the industry. It does not require an air compressor for operation, and features heat plates of 3" x 3". This plug and play, user-friendly heat press will have you extracting top-shelf rosin in no time!

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Rosin Industries Dry Sift Tumblers

Dry sift extraction used to be a cumbersome process, but technology has made it easy and efficient. The Pollenex Dry Sift Tumbler line by Rosin Industries allows growers to quickly extract a ton of material without human contamination, and a higher yield.

These dry sift tumblers are oftentimes used in commercial rosin operations, to speed up production. First, shake your flower with a tumbler to knock off resin glands. Then, use this kief to press out potent rosin!

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If you are new to extractions, or want a quick refresher, read our blog post titled Post Harvest Extractions: What Does it Mean and How Does it Work?

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